Surrey, Canada: and one less church!

Surrey (British Columbia), July 19: the only church that illuminates is the one in flames
A new church burns down in British Columbia
Radio Canada, 19 July 2021
St. George’s Orthodox Church in Surrey, Greater Vancouver, was destroyed in a fire on Monday morning. It joins a growing list of religious institutions ravaged by fire in recent weeks. At about 3:30 a.m., 10 trucks and 32 firefighters were deployed to the scene of the fire in Surrey’s Whalley neighbourhood. No one was injured and no other buildings were affected by the fire, according to authorities.

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Letter from anarchist communist Giannis Dimitrakis (Greece)

Below is a letter from anarchist prisoner Giannis Dimitrakis, in both Greek and English. Back in May he was attacked at Domokos prison and hospitalized. There is currently a fundraiser for him through Firefund.
Hello comrades,
I am very happy that my voice and my thoughts cross the Atlantic and reach you, through a free and self-organized radio station, as it was very difficult for us to communicate closely. Imprisonment, the “dirty” political and criminal records, the enlistment in the anarchist movement certainly make it almost impossible for me to officially enter the United States with permission and documents from the American Embassy in Greece.
Today, however, on the occasion of the International Day of Solidarity with Anarchists Prisoners is an opportunity to travel and meet, beyond borders and restrictions, common values ​​and ideals, similar paths and experiences of people, who lift the heavy burden of responsibility to reverse the self-destructive course of state and capital for humanity, nature and animals.
It is another moment in the relentless fight against oblivion for all the fighters who pay the price of their choice to use any form of social anti-violence to resist or attack to the absurdity, vulgarity, injustice and oppression of the modern exploitative system.
Having already lived 42 years of my life now, I am now talking to you on a telephone from the wing of a provincial prison located about 250 kilometers from Athens, where I come from. 24 years after my first reading of the book “God and State” by M. Bakunin, I remain incurably enchanted by the ideas of anti-authoritarian communism, anarchy.

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On July 15, while mountain climbing in Mavrorachi vilage of Pilion we discovered two dogs chained to two trees. As soon as they saw us they started to bark as if they were calling us to come to them. Seeing their strong need and desire for liberation, we decided to intervene and lead them to freedom. As we said, the two creatures were tied with chains about one metre long to two trees, which greatly restricted their movements.
In the suffocating context in which they were forced to live, their food was down on the ground next to their faeces. The only thing certain is that their owner is not interested in their hygiene or living conditions.


Sledgehammer attack on the debt collection Paladino SA company (Athens,Greece)

Sledgehammer attack on the debt collection Paladino SA company
One of the most infamous professions in the people’s consciousness is that of the debt collector. Whatever form it takes, from the loan shark’s henchmen, to the tax collector, to the shiny offices of the call centres of today’s collection companies, the debt collector is a universally hated figure.
And always the “professionals” of the genre make their money as a share of what, with threats, they manage to extract from weak and frightened people in danger of losing everything.

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”Prometeo Operation”: updates on Natascia from Rebibbia prison (Italy, July 2021)

Natascia is well and her mood is high, especially since she knows that Anna [anarchist comrade sentenced to 16 years and 6 months in the Scripta Manent trial against the Federazione Anarchica Informale, “Informal Anarchist Federation”] has also arrived and received her greetings, even though Natascia is in a solitary confinement cell far away from the one she is in, which makes it impossible for her to hear directly from Anna. It seems that her transfer to Rebibbia prison in Rome is a permanent relocation, which she does not mind at all: in fact, she said she does not want to ask for other transfers and wants to stay there.
The prison has just authorised her to have four hours of visits per month, both with the comrade with whom she had visits before the transfer to Santa Maria Capua Vetere, and with her father. Her father will go when he can (given the distance, Natascia has also been authorised to make video calls with him), while the comrade intends to have regular visits every month, possibly by pooling the visit hours available to her, so as to reduce the cost of the journey from Turin to Rome and back. Continue reading ”Prometeo Operation”: updates on Natascia from Rebibbia prison (Italy, July 2021)


Beginning of first degree of Operation Scintilla.
The three preliminary hearings for Operation Scintilla concluded with the confirmation by the Gup of the entire accusatory package and the committal for trial of all 18 defendants for all the crimes charged.
Obviously, both instigation to commit a crime and subversive association, that is art. 270 c.p., have been reconfirmed. Moreover, the charges of the various offenses of the association remain unchanged, including the placement of two tanks near as many ATMs of the Italian Post Office, the damage by fire of the Center for Permanent Residence for Repatriation in Turin in collaboration with some inmates and the sending of an incendiary package to Ladisa, the company that managed the canteen of the structure of Corso Brunelleschi.


Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center

Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center, an online hub for building a culture of resistance against surveillance.
Around the world, anarchists and other rebels are subject to surveillance due to our activities. Surveillance can be carried out by state institutions or other actors – for example, private investigators, fascists, mercenaries, and law-abiding citizens. Surveillance can be intended to disrupt our activities, make arrests, secure convictions or worse.
As technologies develop, some surveillance techniques stay the same, while others change to incorporate these emergent technologies. While cops still follow us in the streets and keep records about us in their archives, nowadays cameras are everywhere, drones fly overhead, and DNA forensics are sending many comrades to jail. Continue reading Announcing the Counter-Surveillance Resource Center


I had the opportunity to speak with her only a few times, however I had the good fortune and the enriching possibility to listen to her on countless occasions.
I don’t think I was indifferent on any of those occasions. The power of her words and gestures, the intensity she brought to each of her statements and harangues motivated me enormously and still do. I remember them -in this encierro- and my hair still stands on end.
How lucky we all were to have been able to coincide in life with a person like Mrs. Luisa!



The anarchists, who were raided, arrested, formalized and imprisoned on July 24, 2020 and who have been in preventive detention for almost a year, had a hearing of reformalization of charges last Wednesday, July 14 by the hand of the prosecutor Claudio Orellana.
During the virtual hearing, the prosecutor’s office maintained the charges of crimes under the arms control law, the penal code and military justice. The measure responds to a more specific clarification of the accusation in order to give «coherence» to the trial, and is part of the procedures in view of the fact that in August the term of the investigation will be reviewed.
Monica is being held in the San Miguel prison and Francisco in the Rancagua prison.



-The dilemmas of the contemporary «anarchist movement» versus the instituting character of the «social movements.»1.

«Vulgarly it is held that the «great mass» could not remain without religion; the communists extend that claim.»

Max Stirner, My Enjoyment of Myself, in The Only One and His Property.

«To see what we have in front of our noses requires a constant struggle.»

George Orwell, In front of your nose.

Contrary to what all the verbal diarrhea of post-modern neo-Leninism claims about the so-called «social movements», the novelty of these movements does not lie in the replacement of trade unions and traditional political parties, but in the motivational structure of the subjects involved; That is, in the convergence of perceptions around multiple factors (economic-socio-cultural) that nourish the collective longing for the welfare state and the labor society and, through processes of social mobilization, constitute a new institutional force that serves as a platform for the different fascisms -whether black, brown, red or whatever color they are given in order to persuade the «masses»- and paves the way for populist leaders.

Meanwhile, the social scientists (neo-Marxians and/or proto-populists) juggle a thousand and one times to semantically accommodate «institutionalization», giving the concept a one hundred and eighty degree turn so that it is grammatically instrumental for them; that is, hiding the intentions of co-optation of the struggles and forced integration to the «new» domination. Continue reading AGAINST THE TIDE – GUSTAVO RODRÍGUEZ

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