Bavaria, Germany : In Bavaria as elsewhere…

In Bavaria as elsewhere…
When you’re a volunteer firefighter in a small Bavarian town like Höchberg (on the outskirts of Würzburg), you’re not really hired to bring down little cats stuck in trees or to empty cellars flooded by the Kühbach river due to the spread of urban concrete. Even if you often have to deal with it. No, when you are a volunteer firefighter – in Höchberg as elsewhere – you want to fight wicked fires in the name of order and safety. You want to extinguish evil flames in defence of state control and the prosperity of commerce.
Well, for once, you could say they got what they wanted. At least those on duty the day after their binge, because it was on 2 January at around 3.50 a.m. that the alarm finally sounded in the watchful barracks. After having gone to the edge of the village, at the side of the Zeller forest, they were not disappointed on seeing a large relay antenna lighting up the night with its flames. And if many dead-to-the-world honest citizens were previously unaware of its presence among the majestic trees, even though it was doing them a great service by brightening up their meaningless existence, this is certainly no longer the case since they have been disconnected.

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Île-de-France: 3 prisoner exploiters redecorated for Christmas

Indymedia Lille / Sunday 2 January 2022
What am I?
We obey orders, plans thought up by others or by machines, we don’t choose why, how and with whom we do this or that. Other clues: Sometimes you lose your health and you waste your time, only to struggle to survive in a world governed by commercial relationships.
What am I? Work, of course!
Whether it is legalized or not, whether you are self-employed or in a family business, work is exploitation!
How many people end up in the clutches of the law and in prison, punished for not having been willing or able to submit to the rules of exploitation defined by the law? And once locked up, you still need money to live a little more decently and eat something other than the administered food.

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Italy – News from the prison of Spini di Gardolo: beatings and abuse

During a gathering outside the prison of Spini di Gardolo on 9th January 2022, we managed to communicate with some prisoners and here is what they told us about the current situation in the prison, which the director and the local authorities take great care not to make known.
A prisoner asked us to deliver to the prison guarantor (for the PAT, A. Menghini) his version of an episode which a prison union recently passed off in the media as “assault on the guards”. The prisoner maintained he was brutally beaten by the guards, who later also seized his crutches. After the beating he wasn’t adequately examined or taken to hospital.

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Avis de tempêtes #49, janvier 2022

Avis de tempêtes – bulletin anarchiste pour la guerre sociale n°49
(janvier 2022) est sorti. Pour lire, imprimer et diffuser ce petit bulletin autour de soi (il est en format A5, et celui-ci fait 12 pages), on pourra retrouver chaque nouveau numéro tous les 15 du mois, ainsi que les précédents, sur le
blog :
“Depuis l’émergence des cités, la puissance économique a
fondamentalement toujours marché sur les mêmes deux pieds : énergie et extraction. De l’esclavage au nucléaire, le progrès économique additionne les sources énergétiques qui confèrent toujours plus de puissance aux dominants, et vice versa, car c’est l’exploitation des sources énergétiques qui alimente directement la domination. A l’instar de l’extraction du pétrole qui a libéré une vertigineuse force énergétique, vieille de millions d’années, donnant des dimensionsinouïes à l’industrialisme et à la guerre à l’échelle mondiale, l’économie numérique et électrifiée dépend de la vitesse d’extraction des métaux qui lui sont nécessaires. Ainsi se dessinent les lignes de front où sont et seront menées de terribles batailles. Chambouler leurs prévisions, transformer les occasions et situations en facteurs de désordre et d’imprévu, scruter ces lignes de front où l’ennemi se montre certes confiant, mais cependant plus vulnérable qu’ailleurs, se jeter dans les conflits qui se dessinent en y apportant sans tarder l’action directe, voilà des cris de bataille qui pourraient nous mettre
activement sur les traces de l’ennemi.”

Communique of DESTROYING OF ATM AND TICKET-MACHINE (Poland, Wroclaw)

Poland, Wroclaw city:
“Insurrection lesson one, or why we destroyed an ATM and a ticket
machine. For ACAB day (13.12), we decided to kill the cops in our heads and shatter the illusion of order and peace that authority spreads.
So we smashed up the ATM and the ticket machine*. The displays were destroyed and the rest was glued with mounting foam.
We destroyed those things not to protest or make demands now, but because it was relatively easy and low risk. We want to learn how to attack this fucked up world so we can fuck it up even more in the future. Continue reading Communique of DESTROYING OF ATM AND TICKET-MACHINE (Poland, Wroclaw)

Île-de-France: New Year’s fireworks for prisoners are not cancelled!

Saturday 1 January 2022
While the cops were busy spoiling the party of those disappointed by the cancelled fireworks in the fields, we went and set some off in front of several places of incarceration in the Ile de France.
In front of the Mesnil-Amelot detention centre, we set off fireworks and shouted some messages of solidarity with those imprisoned; for freedom, against confinement. In recent months many revolts and escapes have taken place there, and we wanted to show our solidarity. We arrived a bit late, those detained there were no longer in the yard, so unfortunately we didn’t hear them, their voices going in another direction. But other comrades in the area heard them.

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Gratkorn (Austria): Brand new excavators burned

Monday 27 December 2021
The Gratkorn hydroelectric power station, under construction on the Mur river north of Graz, lost two excavators in flames of rage. The material damage is enormous. Energie Steiermark [a company producing and distributing electrical energy, three quarters of which is owned by the Austrian state of Styria] wants to keep up its green image, but it has to contend with clouds of black smoke…
Since the completion of the hydroelectric power station on the Mur in Graz, a project that had been the subject of major protests for years, many people thought the struggle was over. Yet the roadmap of the big companies has not changed. Verbund [Austria’s largest electricity producer and one of the largest producers of hydroelectric power in Europe] and Energie Steiermark are still wreaking havoc along the Mur, building one dam after another, ripping out thousands of trees, and ignoring the concerns of nature conservationists. The images of the many dead fish after the flood of mud will not be forgotten.
Your greenwashing plans are not a solution to the climate crisis, but maintain the status quo, so that everyone can continue to consume as much (electricity) as they want. Continuing to consume comfortably: THAT is the real interest of today’s civilisation!

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1st January, Sweden.
Hunters in so-called Sweden began this year with the mass murder of wolves. The snow is stained with blood. SCUM! Unfortunately we were unable to prevent the wolf slaughter, this time. Yet ALF went out into the woods. On the first day of the year we vandalized and sabotaged, against the hunters. We caused financial damage to a hunting high school! Vile hunters should not teach children to kill nonhuman animals. We destroyed five hunting towers! Death monuments do not belong in the wild. Hunting is murder! We lit a, fitting, fire in the night! In honor of the wolves killed in the forests. To show our anger.
We will never stop fighting hunting, saving lifes.
via: unoffensiveanimal

Ottawa: RBC Branch Redecorated in Solidarity with Wet’suwet’en (Canada)

Fire extinguisher full of white paint was used on the facade of a RBC branch located in Ottawa during the holiday week.
The action was meant as an answer to the calls to action from the Gidimt’en clan who retook possession of “Coyote Camp” with their allies. We stand in solidarity with the Wetʼsuwetʼen nation and against KKKanada’s genocidal project.
Fuck CGL, Fuck the RCMP, fuck RBC, Shut down KKKanada and get the fuck out of the Yintah!
Anonymous submission to MTL Counter-info

We Won’t Stop: RBC Head Office Attacked in Montreal,Canada

The Royal Bank of Canada (RBC) funds Coastal GasLink (CGL), the pipeline fiercely opposed by Wet’suwet’en land defenders for over a decade. As we enter 2022, despite three RCMP raids, land defenders at Coyote Camp stand in the way of CGL drilling under the sacred headwaters of the Wedzin Kwa. RBC and all of CGL’s investors must understand that this pipeline will not be completed.
On the evening of December 30, 2021, more than a dozen windows were broken at the RBC head offices for Quebec, in the middle of downtown Montreal. No one was arrested.

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