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Cathering in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito ( Komotini, North of Greece)

Call for cathering in solidarity with the anarcho-nihilist Alfredo Cospito who is on hunger strike from 20/10/2022. Saturday 28/01 at 13:00 on the pedestrian street of the old law school.

Comrade Alfredo Cospito is fighting at the risk of his life to get out of the 41BIS isolation regime but also for the abolition of this regime which is essentially a continuous long-term torture,

Victory In Alfredo Cospito’s Hunger Strike Fight


Account from some anarchists who joined from out of town last saturday:


Shouting the whole way with passion and rage, 80 of us marched for over hour out of the town of Martorell, to the two prisons of Brians in the Catalan countryside. With chants, music and fireworks, we let the people held captive know they’re not forgotten, despite all the state’s intentions to isolate them. And through the walls and layers upon layers of fences, they called and whistled back.

The Catalan government want to build two more hellholes in the Zona Franca area of Barcelona by 2027: a 800-person “open regime” men’s prison, and a 600-person women’s prison to replace the existing one of Wad-Ras. Development has been delayed after the discovery of heavy metals in the soil. The government says it wants to develop the women’s prison “from a feminist perspective, describing the plans as “gender sensitive” and supporting “female empowerment”! Here we see the inevitable endgame of leftist politics: prison societies with enhanced perceptions of freedom, built on the dying embers of social war….


Rally at the Italian Embassy in Chile, in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospito.

December 12, 2022
via: informativoanarquista

On Wednesday, November 30, a rally was held at the Italian embassy in Chile in solidarity with comrades Alfredo Cospito and Anna Beniamino, on hunger strike since October 20 and November 7, respectively.
During the rally, banners were displayed, the embassy walls were graffitied, leaflets were thrown and words of solidarity were read. The rally ended with the arrest of a comrade who was later released.

Gesture in Solidarity with Alfredo Cospita, from Bogotá, Colombia.

December 24, 2022
via: informativoanarquista

With a small (but not unimportant) gesture of complicity we show our solidarity with comrade Alfredo Cospito, kidnapped in the maximum security prison of Bancali. Demonstrating his firm conviction and fighting against this extreme measure of annihilation, he has turned his body into another trench of combat, maintaining a hunger strike since October 20 to break from the 41 Bis regime, which he has been in since May 5.

Unsurprisingly, the state and capital will try to break the fierceness and indomitable spirit of any subversive comrade, but solidarity is our greatest weapon, let’s wield it. Let’s continue to generate actions to get Alfredo out of isolation and strengthen the anti-prison struggle.
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$hile: Commemoration on 15th Anniversary of Matías Catrileo’s Murder

Commemoration on 15th Anniversary of Matías Catrileo’s Murder

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(In progress)

On Tuesday, January 3rd, the 15th anniversary of the murder of weichafe Matías Catrileo was commemorated. Matías was killed in 2008 by carabinero Walter Ramírez while armed confrontations were taking place during a territorial reclamation on the ex-Santa Margarita ranch (property of the Luchsinger families).

For this new day of memory and combat, banners and propaganda were spread in different parts of the local territory; a demonstration in Alameda at the height of Cerro Huelen where barricades were set up and molotovs were thrown;

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Athens, Greece: Event-information on the case of the anarchist comrade Charis Mantzouridis

Athens: Event-information on the case of the anarchist comrade Charis Mantzouridis

On Thursday 20 January, 18.00, at the Self-managed Canteen of the Law School, there will be an informative event on the case of comrade Charis Mantzouridis, with a telephone call from the comrade himself from the Psychiatric Hospital for Prisoners of Korydallos Prison.

The themes of the event:

Information and discussion concerning the case of H. Mantzouridis.

– Inclusion and mental health: a discussion with the Ps.

– dna as a weapon to build prosecution.

* The comrade’s phone call will start at exactly 18.30.



Assembly of Solidarity with imprisoned, fugitive and persecuted militants

We are all comrades: Support the 4 persecuted anarchists (Greece)

Support economically and politically the 4 persecuted comrades, who are under trial at 6 February 2023. The 4 anarchists are being persecuted, under “anti-terrorist” law, for participating in an allegedelly “terrorist” organization named “comrades”. No one alone against the state! International revolutionary solidarity!

The first solidarity banner for the 4 comrades, Exarcheia 10th March 2020. Banner, “In a world that human relationships are being criminalized, we are all comrades”

Chronicle of the prosecution

On March 8th and 9th 2020, after a state security operation three male and one female comrade are arrested. Τhe authorities’ sole piece of evidence was two cops having ‘visually’ identified the first arrested person on a video of the attack against the Mitsotakis* Foundation. The other three were arrested due to their friendly and comrade relationships. They now find themselves charged with an enormous case file which includes 55 attacks.

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Russia: about the anti-war railway sabotage

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Russian railroads are the target of sabotage six times in 2023
7/7 (Belgium), January 5, 2023 (excerpts)

An eventful start to the year for Moscow: in just five days, “partisans” have managed to damage Russian railroads six times, according to the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense. These attacks are making life difficult for Putin’s military trains. Those responsible for these operations are not known at present. However, an anarchist and communist movement, ‘BOAK’, known for perpetrating this kind of sabotage, is the main suspect*.

This is not the first time that traffic on the Russian railroads has been interrupted by guerrilla techniques. This is at least the sixth case of destroyed alarm units, and blocked or damaged railroads, according to Ukraine. In 2022, at least forty sabotages were committed, mainly targeting railway transformers as well as locomotives.

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Animal Liberation and Insurrection – Public Discussion Tuesday 10th January 2023, 7pm. (South London,UK)

Animal Liberation and Insurrection – Public Discussion

This society is nothing but a row of tightly monitored cages. Non-human animals have been, and continue to be, at the sharp-end of the scientific-industrial system. Locked up, experimented on, artificialised and domesticated – and yet their revolt continues, in escapes, in violent reactions against their capture and on their jailors.

Against this daily misery, what does an insurrection which finds connection with the revolt of non-human animals look like?

What wild horizons of freedom lie at the point where smashed cages meet severed networks of social control, and sabotage and expropriation spreading through the temples of work and consumption?

Tuesday 10th January 7pm

Touchpaper Anarchist Library

385 Queens Road, New Cross

SE14 5HD