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Montevideo, Uruguay: Mobilization at the Chilean Embassy in Solidarity With Anarchist Comrade Francisco Solar

Last Saturday October 30 comrades and friends of Francisco Solar gathered in front of the $hilean embassy to express our hatred for the Chilean state and our unconditional solidarity with our comrade.
The state and the capitalist enterprise that profits from the business of prison in a perverse alliance of negligence and annihilation are currently denying Francisco essential medical attention with the clear purpose of breaking him.

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Metz, France: News about anarchist comrade Boris

Contrary to what we had hoped for, stopping the sedation about a month and a half ago was not the beginning of a full recovery. Boris is still in the burn unit of the hospital in Metz, in the intensive care unit. His condition is fragile and unstable. He is still not able to speak or write. It is not known how long it will take for him to regain his abilities.
Moreover, his belongings cannot be recovered in prison. Therefore, it can be imagined that the investigation of the cell fire is still ongoing.
News will be given according to the evolution of the situation.
Anarchists in complicity and solidarity
Source: lille.indymedia

Thessaloniki, Greece: Intervention at MarCom tzelepoglou – Solidarity with Francisco Solar

Originally published by SAKM. Translated by Dark Nights.

“Prison is another point of struggle at the post-conflict level – the anti-authoritarian conflict is not over for me, it has just changed form”  
M. Caballero
24/7/20 in Chilean territory, anarchists Monica Caballero and Francisco Solar are arrested, accused of parcel-bombing. Specifically, for a bomb that exploded in the Huechuraba police station, leaving a cop seriously injured, – and one that was defused by the GOPE (operational police group), a bomb in the office of Rodrigo Hinzpeter, former minister and current manager of the Quiñenco company (one of Chile’s largest business groups), and finally, for planting two bombs in the Tánica building. Since 24/7, therefore, the comrades have been held in custody and have remained in the cells of the republic ever since.

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Video report-back: TagX demo after Köpi Wagenplatz eviction (Germany)

Here are a few videos of the #b1510 köpi tagX demo from public sources, edited more or less chronologically without regard to copyright. Unfortunately, there are hardly any shots from the front of the demo or overview shots because pixelating would have been too much effort and because there are also few.
there are probably no public videos of the attack on the akelius headquarters at erkelenzdamm 11-13 and so on, and the 4 minutes only show a small section of the large and widespread demo.
download and reuse:

Translated by Act for freedom now!

Leipzig, Germany: Actions after demo bans

Leipzig, 23/24 October 2021
The police enforced the ban on demonstrations in Leipzig with a large contingent on Saturday. However, as darkness fell, arson broke out. Among other things, several vehicles were set on fire in front of a car dealership.
After the ban on three left-wing demonstrations in Leipzig, there were individual incidents on Sunday night, especially in the south of the city. According to the police, five vehicles belonging to a car dealership were set on fire in Richard-Lehmann-Straße at around 0:22 am. Police arrested two men and two women aged between 18 and 24 at the scene. No one was injured, but there was property damage in the lower six-figure range. In the west of Leipzig, two cars also burned in Neue Gutenbergstraße. It was a similar story in Große Fleischergasse, where one car was on fire and four other cars were damaged by the heat.
Police pelted with stones
There was further action in the Bornaische Straße area. According to MDR reporters, there was an attempt at a spontaneous demonstration there at 11 pm, but it failed. Around 0:40 a.m., a trash bin as well as branches and wooden slats burned in the street. Several people blocked the tram with them. When the police tried to extinguish and remove the barricade, the officers were pelted with stones, according to reporters. A short time later, a squad of hundreds arrived with water cannons and evacuation tanks. According to the reports, the stone-throwers fled. An allegedly uninvolved drunk man who was warming his hands by the fire was arrested.

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EN/ES/ The Greek Police and State are Murderers. Nikos Sampani, a Roma Youth, Shot Dead by Greek Police

22.10.2021 The police and the State assassinated Nikos Sampani, a Roma youth, and seriously injured another in a brutal racist shooting in Perama (Greece) with the complicity of the media which covered up the events.
Greece, Attica, Perama. Last night, October 22, 2021, yet another incident of extreme police violence and arbitrariness took place. A D.IAS team killed an 18 year old Roma youth and seriously injured another. The police chased a vehicle that failed to stop when signaled. The chase, which started from the Renti area, continued to Perama where the police did not hesitate to start shooting at the people in the car, who were unarmed, firing 38 bullets with 7 service weapons in a residential area. Inside the car, the 18-year-old was killed, the 16-year-old was wounded and evacuated, and the 15-year-old escaped.

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Solidarity with Lina, one year after the cops kidnapped her (Germany)

On November 5, 2020, Lina was kidnapped by the police and taken into custody on charges of „having formed and being part of a criminal organization“ („Bildung und Mitgliedschaft einer kriminellen Vereinigung“). Her criminalization falls under the legal appeal of §129 of criminal code. A legal section which is part of the anti-insurgent structures of the German state, and which is made known to the public as „Anti-Terrorist“ laws.
The current cases under §129 all have certain points in common: what is criminalized are not only actions, but political ties, shared ideas and solidarity. Thus, people who do not define themselves as a group are criminalized because of their shared political ideals, which are often the only excuse with which the state forcibly constructs such dangerous organizations. Organizations that enables its repressive attacks intimately consistent, seeking to destroy the possibility of a personal life -individual and collective- of those who are understood as a potential danger to the Status Quo.
Raids, wiretapping, preventive detention… What is the interest of the state in entering the personal life of an anti-facist? Where does this information go? Without going into legalistic explanations nor into the particular mechanisms of this trial, it is interesting to see that a case of „Criminal Organization“ is built with the accusation of having beaten with Nazis, and that this accusation has the character of „affecting the existence and security of the state“. The existence of which state is being affected? The security of which ideals is endangered by antifacism? In the court room there is not space for individual cases, the hearings are not about the accused persons and their alleged acts. They and their lawyers are fillers forced to take part on this play, in which the federal prosecution and the judges reproduce the sovereignty of the nation-state, and try to bury the idea that other worlds are possible under the banality and cruelty of the criminal process.

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Athens,Greece: Solidarity Poster : 5 and 6 of Nov. for a political event and concert for financial support to D.Hatzivassiliadis and the members of Revolutionary Struggle P. Roupa – N.Maziotis

Poster for the 2-days event of political and financial support for the armed guerrilla Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis and the members of Revolutionary Struggle, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa.
Friday 5 November Hip Hop Live benefit gig. At 8pm strictly inside the ASOEE. (Athens University of Economics and Business)
Saturday 6 November political event with interventions of political prisoners Dimitris Hadjivassiliadis, Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa at 4pm at the Analipsi squat in Byronas area
Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis: Political statement on Revolutionary Self-Defense, the period he spent in illegality, his arrest and trial.
Nikos Maziotis and Pola Roupa: An account of the action of Revolutionary Struggle and its members and the perspective of the struggle today.
In Solidarity
Translated by Act for freedom now!

Madrid, Spain: Bringing the war home: about the defence of the occupied house Higueras in Tetuán

fr:Squat!net / Monday, October 25, 2021
In the early summer of 2021, Higueras (the fig trees), a squat in the Madrid neighbourhood of Tetuán, underwent the siege of a company that specializes in squat evictions. In the Spanish state many security companies sell their eviction services in a not exactly legal way but with the State’s complicity. Higueras managed to overcome this first siege, but a legal procedure is in progress. In the Spanish territory, evictions of housing, whether by cops or security guards, are often met with some resistance, which involves a gathering in front of the house with more or less tension, which attracts the media. Indeed, squatting is a favorite subject of the media and politicians there, much more than in France. Other forms of resistance exist: demonstrations in response, sabotage or symbolic occupations.
A few people have written a text giving their vision and some ideas on the forms that solidarity could take. Despite the difference in context, this text could enrich reflection and action as the police, thugs, landlords and media attack our homes and our spaces.
Toulouse, October 2021
Resistance to squat and rental evictions tends to be a struggle in which those resisting and those in solidarity don’t have the initiative. First of all, for many evictions we don’t even know on what day the repressive forces will appear. If you are dealing with thugs, the vagueness can be even greater. In any case, wearing down can weaken the resistance, and the state as well as the owners know this. In the first few days, when the eviction alert is issued, the solidarity response is powerful in numbers, but unsurprisingly forces diminish after a few days. Moreover, most evictions take place in the morning, when many people are at work or in class. This is also why there are fewer comrades available.

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Barcelona, Spain : Banner denouncing the state murder of Nikos Sambanis by DIAS bike cops scum in Perama, Attica on 22/10/21, at the tattoo circus in Barcelona

October 29 marked one week from the night when three different groups of DIAS cops on bikes chased then shot more than 35 bullets at some people inside a car that did not stop at a “signal”. The chase ended in Perama where bullets from 7 different service weapons wounded one and killed another of the guys in the car. 7 cops shooting at three unarmed minors in cold blood. Nikos Sabanis, 18 years old, was killed by state fire. In their declarations they identify the suspects as Roma and inform the centre that they have no wounded. The nation is informed that 6 police officers are in hospital and of course that they had no intention to kill or knowledge of the suspects’ identity. The infamous Kougias solicitor takes on the killers and the interrogator decides that it is not necessary to keep them in custody.
We are still watching the same play 13 years after the murder of Alexis Grigoropoulos by cops Korkoneas – Saraliotis who continue to walk in our midst. In fact, the state apparatus and the fascists of the far-right are trying to increase our consumability and strengthen their media narrative. Killing by cops in Athens like their counterparts in America and the statements by ruling fascists about defence from the side of the killers are signs of the times and as such we take note of them.
We for our part, the oppressed, exploited, struggling, rebellious must take action while capital, states and fascists are arming themselves. As a minimal gesture to denounce this state murder in Greece we put up a banner on the opening day of the tattoo circus in Barcelona. This event is organized to provide material support for political prisoners and to strengthen the solidarity movement.
Gypsies – Choriyuri


more photos from the Tattoo Circus 29, 30 y 31, 2021 Banc Expropiat in Barcelona

Via: athens.indymedia.
Also a Banner in the Gracia area of Barcelona about the murder of Nikos Sambanis in Perama, Athens by the Greek police.
From Barcelona to Athens states are murdering.

via: https://athens.indymedia