Los Álamos (Chile): “Capitalist development is not compatible with the life of the Mapuche”

Los Álamos (Chile), April 28, 2022: thirty-three trucks and construction machinery destroyed by fire in an attack against the forestry industry


On Thursday, April 28, 2022, a group of 40 people from the group Resistencia Mapuche Lavkenche (RML) attacked several logging companies in the municipality of Los Álamos in the early morning, in the region of Bío Bío (Chile). Thirty-three dump trucks, backhoes, front-end loaders and other vans surrendered to the flames in less than three hours, while the two access roads to the companies (Trongol road and Pilpilco road) were blocked either by burning trucks moved there or by barricades of felled trees. This coordinated attack was described by the Chilean press as the most significant “since the resumption of the violent struggle by radical Mapuche groups in 1997.”

Needless to say, the forest devastation companies (such as the Asociación de Contratistas Forestales) immediately demanded the extension of the state of emergency established in October 2021 in all of southern Chile, which had ended on March 16 with the new left-wing government of Gabriel Boric. It should be noted that in the north of Chile, the same state of emergency (Estado de Excepción) with military intervention to support the police, established last February, has been maintained on the border with Bolivia and Peru. But the arrival of migrants from Venezuela in the north is not the prolonged struggle of a part of the Mapuche in the south to recover the land and drive out the exploiters, with whom the Chilean state is trying to re-establish dialogue. And the new Minister of the Interior Iskia Siches will not deny this, she who on March 15, in her first days in office, had the bad idea of trying to calm the conflict with a symbolic gesture, going to the community of Temucuicui (Araucanía region) to meet with the father of Camilo Catrillanca, a young peasant shot in the head in November 2018 by the Special Operations Group of the Carabineros responsible for restoring order.

Temucuicui (Ercilla), March 15, 2022: car set on fire on a bridge, shots fired and trees cut down to welcome the Minister of the Interior Continue reading Los Álamos (Chile): “Capitalist development is not compatible with the life of the Mapuche”

Greece: To Daphne who passed away yesterday morning…

Daphne Vayanou (1946-2022)

To Daphne who passed away yesterday morning…

Thank you for all these years you stood by me with all means… in my very very hard difficult moments of my life fighting between life and death, and for being next to me in some court cases against the enemy of the State all these past years…

We love you and respect you! As a friend, comrade, and fighter for freedom always with your way!

 Individual anarchist

from the Anarchist project Act for freedom now!



Daphne Vayanou : Δαφνη Βαγιανου (1946-2022) Greece, Athens

Daphne Vayanou (1946-2022)
Daphne Vayanou, comrade, friend, defence lawyer for dozens of persecuted anarchists and protagonist in all the key trials of the post-war period, passed away yesterday morning.
In the early 80’s she was the defence lawyer for Kiritsis – Moira – Skandali.
In the second half of the 1980s, Muhammad Hamdan, the persecuted and wanted ‘terrorist Rashid’ by the US FBI.
For Kristoforos Marinos throughout the years of his persecution. Those arrested after the Patras anarchist congress of ’85.
Those persecuted in the Mazokopou case.
Those arrested at the Polytechnic of ’95.
for Nikos Maziotis and Pola Rupa, some of the dozens of trials of comrades accused by the police of ‘terrorism’.
At the trial of 17 November, defending Angeliki Sotiropoulou.
In the crime of employer terrorism and state-police indifference, the 2008 vitriol attack on Konstantin Kuneva. And many others.
Our Daphne, disinterested, intellectual, composed, fighting in the front line of the defence of human rights against the bourgeoisie, police arbitrariness and the legal institutions themselves.
Our Daphne who, when she was forced to retire due to health problems, was saddened that she could not participate in the trial of Golden Dawn for the murder of Pavlos Fyssas and other victims of Nazi violence. Flesh of our flesh, present in every small and big moment of the anarchist movement in Greece.
From some, among the many for whom she was a defence lawyer, a “thank you” for what she did. Peace and tribute to her memory…

Thessaloniki,Greece: Banners for political prisoners

Banners for political prisoners

In the past few days we have hung banners for political prisoners in neighbourhoods in the east:

the request for the release of Giannis Michailidis, who is being held in revenge despite having fulfilled the necessary conditions for his release since December – and after 8.5 years of detention

the Court of Appeal of Dimitris Hadjivassiliadis and Vangelis Stathopoulos, sentenced to 19 years’ imprisonment in the first instance for his solidarity with a wounded and persecuted comrade

on the case of Haris Mantzouridis, who has been detained for months with serious health consequences, on the basis of an “anonymous phone call” and an “orphan” DNA sample, and against all forms of imprisonment

for Thanos Hatziangelou and Georgia Voulgaris, detained since 8 February, and Panagiotis Kalaitzis, incarcerated for the same case with the only evidence his personal relations with one of the defendants Continue reading Thessaloniki,Greece: Banners for political prisoners

Text by anarchist comrade Dimitris Hatziivassiliadis: Freedom for the anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza

Freedom for the anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza

The French State is at the forefront of the predatory capitalist war against the planet. It protects its monopolistic exploitation of natural resources and its investments in North Africa and the Middle East with military interventions and all kinds of support to counter-revolutionary forces. French militarism is a key pillar of NATO and the military wing of the EU. On French territory it strikes the social movement by military means…

The hypocrisy of bourgeois democracy is stripped bare by the status it reserves for captured militants. The Lebanese militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has been in French prisons since 1984 after a barrage of attacks against the American and Israeli states. Under French law he should have been released from prison in 1999. But Abdallah’s detention is being illegally extended because he remains an unrepentant revolutionary. Continue reading Text by anarchist comrade Dimitris Hatziivassiliadis: Freedom for the anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza

Athens, Greece: Update from the Solidarity March to Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis on 14 May at Monastiraki area

notes: The Court of the Appeal  trial on 18/05 /22 of the anarchist comrades Vanggelis Stathopoulos and Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis suspended for 25 May 2022



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Updates from the Solidarity March to Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis on 14 May at Monastiraki area in Athens.

During the planned solidarity march on Saturday, at Stadiou Street near the junction with Benaki Street, repressive forces attacked the body of the march by throwing chemicals and injuring a number of people.
Continue reading Athens, Greece: Update from the Solidarity March to Vaggelis Stathopoulos and Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis on 14 May at Monastiraki area

Leipzig (Germany): against militarism, a relay antenna goes up in flames

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We attacked German railroads (Deutsche Bahn, DB) as part of the war logistics in Europe. We have not forgotten that this company (even if it is currently trying to clear its image with “humanitarian” deliveries to Ukraine) has been involved in the delivery of weapons for years. Our friends in Rojava, in particular, are killed every day with weapons supplied by DB. The cooperation between the German railroads and the fascist regime of Erdogan is close.

And so, in the night of 28-29 April, we set fire to a DB antenna in Markkleeberg. The line on which the antenna is located was and still is used for the delivery of weapons. We are trying to counteract the current war logic with the means at our disposal and want the material damage to be as great as possible. Until the line is no longer used for the transport of military vehicles, cars, coal and other destructive raw materials that are diligently being sent around the world. Continue reading Leipzig (Germany): against militarism, a relay antenna goes up in flames

Moscow, Russia: “If the day fades away forever…”


On May 2, 2022 in the heart of Moscow, in Revolution Square near the monument to Karl Marx, an unknown person threw a molotov against the OMON (Russian Ministry of Interior Special Forces) riot vehicles that are always parked there. The flames managed to eat away at one of them for several minutes before being extinguished.

The unknown person was unfortunately arrested immediately. This is 45-year-old Vitaly Koltsov, a father of three and a philosophy graduate, who had previously participated in anti-government rallies – in 2017, he was arrested for disobeying the cops, and in 2019 for violating “the established order” to hold rallies. Continue reading Moscow, Russia: “If the day fades away forever…”

Thessaloniki, Greece: Taking responsibility for a set fire to Demourtzidis’ professional car, by Nightriders of the Flame

Thessaloniki, Greece: – Taking responsibility

Life in the metropolises is suffocating. In recent years, we have seen the urban beast grow larger sucking life into its path. Cops and snitches lurk around every corner, poverty and deprivation are reflected in every aspect of daily life, oppression (labour, sexual, racial) is a brutal reality, while the area of ‘freedoms’ and ‘breaths of life’ are narrowing more and more. In this suffocating grip, capitalism comes to remind us that we are expendable material for its machines, which produce endlessly and thirst for profit.

The gentrification projects are the blunt admission by the state that we exist simply to produce for them. Squares, parks, neighbourhoods that were once appropriable by their inhabitants are being gentrified by labour and handed over to tourists and urban bourgeois. Expensive cafes, airbnb, surveillance cameras, growing tourist population, overall increase in the cost of living are some of the consequences of redevelopment. Consequences that result in the displacement of people who once lived in these neighbourhoods as they can no longer cope with the new situation. So so-called ‘gentrification’ is thus creating ‘fortress’ (urban) areas with increased social control and repression while other urban areas are ghettoised and impoverished. The segregation of neighbourhoods within cities and their pronounced differentiations clearly facilitates the work of the cops in terms of mapping and surveillance. Continue reading Thessaloniki, Greece: Taking responsibility for a set fire to Demourtzidis’ professional car, by Nightriders of the Flame

Treviso, Italy : 11th June: presence in solidarity with Juan


11th June: presence in solidarity with Juan

“We must struggle and fight for disproportion to be crushed”.
And whatever path we tread, always with our hearts!
For Anarchy!
(Juan Sorroche – Prison of Terni AS2 – February 2019)

Because we have known the courage and tenderness of it.
Because this is the way among comrades of an ideal.
Because whoever attacked that League headquarters gave a contribution of humanity in a world more and more inhuman by the day.
Because life is too short not to be filled with ardent dreams.


Translated by act for freedom now!
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