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Bang-up and Smash is an overview of women’s prisons in the UK and a political analysis of their physical and ideological construction. From the moment of arrest, to coming home, Bang-up and Smash critically engages with the procedures, concepts and apparatus the state relies on, and the economics behind the expansion of the prison industrial complex. Bang-up and Smash is a practical guide to women’s prisons in the UK, and a rallying call to attack. Solidarity is a weapon, and abolition is not enough… Contact with the author can be made via email asbo.hmp@riseup.net
Why are we against all prisons?



Prison: abolish or destroy?
The Road to Hell Is Paved with Good Intentions: COVID-19, Corbyn and ‘Crisis’ 2020
“Since the Bristol Riots” Zine: Person(s) Unknown / Dark Matter Publications 2011-2014
October 2011 An open letter to whoever wants to be concerned,-Huw ‘Badger’ Norfolk just another fugitive
A flyer text given out in the streets of London on the riots on August in England 2011



































Text given out of a gathering demo  in London in 2015 Nine anarchist revolutionaries are currently on hunger strike in Greece, fighting for dignity and freedom. There are countless insurgents imprisoned the world over for not having bowed down their heads to this system of death.