Feu à la colonisation ! [29/09 à 18h] Bibliothèque anarchiste Libertad (Paris,France)

Discut’ à la bibli le jeudi 29 septembre à 18h

Feu à la colonisation !

Autour des luttes menées au Canada par les « populations autochtones » contre l’État ces dernières années et des contributions anarchistes à ces luttes.

Discut’ introduite par des compagnon-nes d’outre atlantique de passage à Paris (en anglais et en français, avec traductions).

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EN/IT,France: A letter from Anarchist Comrade Ivan, from the prison of Villepinte

via:lille.indymedia Translated by Act for freedom now!

A letter from Ivan, from the prison of Villepinte

I am writing to share a few thoughts and to send some news.

I’d like to begin with something that illustrates the methods of the legal system very well. A few days after my arrest the judge conducting the enquiry, Stéphanie Lahaye, sent two cops of the SDAT [the Anti-terrorism Sub-Direction of the judicial police] (among whom judicial police officer «RIO 1237232»  – like machines, they are called by numbers) to interrogate my daughter and her mother. Obeying her orders, following the procedures of the State justice system they tried to put pressure on a young girl of 12 years. After making her wait in the courtyard of the barracks of the local cop station during her mother’s interrogation, they wanted to question her alone.

Her mother obviously refused to abandon her. An ordinary procedure, banal, a necessary act to establish the truth according to judges and cops. In my opinion, an attempt to spread fear. A warning to my dear ones and to everyone that, in the inquisitorial logic of the Law, persons who are or who put themselves alongside an anarchist accused of direct actions are suspect and must be inconvenienced Continue reading EN/IT,France: A letter from Anarchist Comrade Ivan, from the prison of Villepinte

Exarcheia turned into a battleground following the State’s decision to destroy its historic square (Athens,Greece)

Video from the protest and the riot that followed on Saturday 24 September 2022 in Exarcheia, (Athens, Greece) against the State’s decision to destroy the historic Exarcheia Square under the excuse of constructing a metro station on top of it.

This was the 3d big protest against the metso on Exarcheia Square since August 2022. In the first one approximately 1.000 people took part, in the 2nd more than 2.000 and in this 3d one approximately 4.500 protesters. Following this big protest in the streets of Exarcheia in downtown Athens, riots broke out.

Originally published by Perseus999.



September, Norfolk

“The ALF strikes again, sabotaging two huge pheasant release pens in the Norfolk countryside.

Car batteries and electric wiring removed and cut, mesh torn away, anti fox grates and pop holes destroyed.

Trail left to give the birds the best chance of getting to safety.

See it, sab it, save them 👊🏼”


Gers, France: ‘Inevitable Anarchist Fire’ – Relay antennas destroyed by Group FAII ‘Inevitable Informal Anarchist Fire’

Walking in the Gers.
We destroyed some relay antennas.
Solidarity is the attack.
Ivan, we think very strongly of you.
We wanted to create here and now a space for you, for Alfredo, and for all the comrades incarcerated or on the run.

Group FAII

Inevitable Informal Anarchist Fire

Source: lille.indymedia

via: https://darknights.noblogs.org/post/2022/09/25/gers-france-inevitable-anarchist-fire-relay-antennas-destroyed-by-group-faii-inevitable-informal-anarchist-fire/

Microphone solidarity with the uprising in Iran |Saturday 24/9 13.00 Monastiraki Area (Athens,Greece)

May the flame of the uprising in Iran spread across the earth

The assassination of Masha Amini by the vice police, has sparked a giant uprising in the territory of the Iranian State in recent days. Large-scale demonstrations, wild clashes with the repressive apparatus, attacks on police stations, destruction of State and capitalist targets make up a mosaic of a spontaneous anti-state uprising, which puts God and the State in the crosshairs. It sets its sights on decades of cruel repression and oppression.
In recent decades the rulers of the Iranian State have chosen religious fundamentalism as a mechanism of governance. A counter-revolutionary strategy by which those in power try to present exploitation, oppression, murder as divine and virtuous work. They impose national unity around a common religion so as to conceal social and class antagonisms. They divide them from below by creating false juxtapositions such as the issue of faith, reinforcing the oppression of women with their total control by men and of course by the State. The extreme oppression of femininity, heretics, those who deviate from official doctrine is the daily life of those from below in this corner of the world. It is precisely in this context that the horrific murder of Masha took place.

One cannot help but be outraged and disgusted by the hypocritical condemnations of Western States and political parties, calling for more rights for women and condemning religious fanaticism. The same States that fostered fundamentalist movements as a counterbalance to the growing radical movements and struggles in the `60s and `70s across the Middle East. The same ones that in their territories breed the whole world of patriarchy, carry out genocide and State murder of those who are left over or resist, the same ones that are waging and preparing to wage bloody wars for the interests of their masters and their power. The same States that have repeatedly bloodied the Middle East and plundered the “third world” so that the people uprooted by this Religious Fundamentalism and wars drowned in the Mediterranean, were trapped in fences, left to die by the thousands out of indifference.
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Arson attacks at Liceo de Aplicación, Barros Arana and Manuel Barros Borgoño boarding schools (Chile).

Arson attacks at Liceo de Aplicación, Barros Arana and Manuel Barros Borgoño boarding schools
September 12, 2022
On September 12 at the Liceo de Aplicación and Manuel Barros Borgoño pamphlets and banners were thrown and barricades and confrontations were mounted against the presence of Carabineros (COP).

At the Barros Arana Boarding School (INBA) a group of students marched to the Museum of Memory and Human Rights to commemorate those murdered and disappeared 49 years after the coup d’état.

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Arson attack at USACH and march through Alameda and Providencia (Chile)

Arson attack at USACH and march through Alameda and Providencia
September 10, 2022

On Friday, September 9, barricades and confrontations with Molotovs were carried out against the presence of Carabineros (COP) in the vicinity of the University of Santiago de Chile (USACH).

High school students marched along Alameda towards Providencia, demonstrating in the vicinity of the Costanera Center and political parties such as RN (Renovación Nacional)


Translated by Act for freedom now!

France / Italy : Alfredo Cospito fuori dal 41-bis : Solidarity from Comrades from Bure.

Alfredo Cospito fuori dal 41-bis : Solidarity from Bure
Revolutionary solidarity is a sailboat without borders that rides the waves of the storm!

From Bure, we wish to send all our solidarity to our comrade Alfredo Cospito, who is currently in solitary confinement (called “41-bis”) in the prison of Sassari in Sardinia (Italy) for having shot the CEO of Ansaldo Nucleare, designer and builder of nuclear power plants, for having claimed his action and for having greatly contributed, from prison, to the debate on our modes of action, the diversity of tactics, internationalism and the revolutionary perspective of the anti-nuclear movement.

Any attempt to isolate one of our comrades will fuel our anger and revive the sparks that drive us to act. Alfredo Cospito’s struggle is also our struggle: against nuclear power and the technocrats who rule the world.

While the extraction of uranium and other rare-earth elements continues to ravage territories and destroy bodies, while nuclear “tests” or bomb trainings have contaminated the regions and inhabitants of Quirra in Sardinia, the Hoggar mountains in Algeria, Moruroa and Fangataufa in Polynesia, and other territories taken over by the imperialist powers, while in its war against Ukraine, Russia is using nuclear power plants as a sword of Damocles, Europe agrees that nuclear power is a “green” energy, France is rushing head first to build new reactors and Italy is questioning the shutdown of its production (after all, it didn’t mind continuing to build power plants in other countries, so why continue to pretend to have stopped, right?). The projects of burying radioactive waste, in Bure (France) and now also in Italy, are not a search for solutions to the contaminations that nuclear power has produced, but tools to allow nuclear power to develop, more and more.
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Towards subversive abstentionism (concerning elections)

Towards subversive abstentionism

The electoral mechanism is not just an adjustment of government strategy. On the contrary, it is one of the most significant moments of the whole repressive strategy. In practice, the State’s increasing intervention in the affairs of capitalism with the aim of putting some order in its contradictions not only has the effect of rationalising dominion but also opens up another set of contradictions, first in the State itself then in capitalism in the long run. Here the reduction of parliament’s powers and the enormous growth in the powers of the executive becomes of great interest to us. This is quite logical as the State is first and foremost an executive instrument then, at the level of the mass as the enclosure of dominion, it is also an instrument for obtaining consensus. The State cannot function without consensus, nor can it do so without an executive. This often makes it favour the second aspect, leading to certain contradictions such as those that claim to keep the government working when there is no longer any  agreement between the different delegating processes (party, union, economic, ideological, etc.).

The loss of contact between the grassroots and the instruments that filter the executive’s decisions (parliament in the first place) would appear to be due to a lack of political agreements and insufficient balance of party forces, while in actual fact it is due to the worsening of the underlying conditions (price levels, unemployment, declining investment, lack of support for demand, imbalances between areas with unequal development, uncontrollable social tensions, disproportionate repression, regurgitation of authoritarian methods, inadequate methods of assemblear control, etc.). These conditions of malaise are transferred to the executive through representative structures which take on the character of a pulley of inefficiency or an instrument of control of the inadequacy of plans, precisely at a time when they are losing their original significance as the management of consensus. The paradoxical – and contradictory – case occurs where the very presence of the filter mechanism (parties and trade unions first and foremost) has a kind of induced effect that ends up blocking the executive’s ambitions to fly forward.
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