Athens, Greece: Taking responsibility for a placed incendiary devices at the Mercedes dealership in Acharnon ave, by Anarchists

Athens, Taking responsibility by Anarchists

On 8/9 we placed incendiary devices at the Mercedes dealership in Acharnon avenue street, the result was the destruction of the store’s facade and at least four burnt luxury cars.

Mercedes is the oldest car company in the world. From the very first moment, the production of cars has been a disaster for the planet. A large percentage of the world’s oil production is used to run cars. Their production poisons the water and air and destroys large areas of the natural world.

The car industry has changed our lives enormously. Roads and railroads have been built everywhere. Trains, buses and cars are used primarily so that they can, in a short time, travel long distances to get people to the sweatshops of wage slavery.

A large part of society perceives cars as symbols of superiority and power and they go to the extent of selling their bodies to the bosses every day so that they can buy a new expensive car and compete with each other to see who has the best car in the neighbourhood.
Technology is expanding every day and consumers are running to buy anything new that exists even if it has no real use. They only feel happy when they are working or consuming products. It is a society that demands unlimited growth. One of the problems with people’s cult of cars, cell phones, computers, smart homes, is that advanced technology is leading to the murder of life and the planet.

Civilization, the State and capitalism have made parts of the working class want technology, money, exuberance, power. And we have no hope that this will change. Our hope comes from the rebellious individuals and groups resisting this crap world that others have designed for us. And we will not stop until we destroy the State, society and culture. Until Anarchy.


Via: athens.indymedia

Translated by Act for freedom now!