Chile :Words from the confinement of Anarchist prisoner Joaquín García Chanks August 29, 2022

Words from the confinement of Joaquín García Chanks
August 29, 2022

(Excerpted from Buskando la Kalle)

In the context of the Week of Agitation and Solidarity with anarchist and anti-authoritarian prisoners of all tendencies we share words of anarchist prisoner and comrade Joaquín García from confinement.

In times in which welfarist solidarity invades each and every space of the anti-prison struggle, dragging each space of complicity to an eternal logic of martyrs and spectators, it is urgent to rebel against the comfortable immobility of this conception of solidarity, to take it out of the stagnant limitations of purely material aid and to weave in actions of complicity, trust and spaces in which antagonistic violence finds fertile ground for its praxis.

Like the acts of complicit solidarity, the anarchic, antagonistic projection is kept alive independently of the social situation and the ups and downs of the demands of the moment, it finds its niche in those individuals who, against all odds, make of their lives a constant attack against Power, sharpening the conflict with both theory and praxis.

Antagonistic solidarity with every imprisoned comrade!!!

Freedom to Marcelo Villarroel!

-Joaquín García Chancks.

Anarchist prisoner

Prison-Factory of Rancagua.

End of August 2022.


via: informativoanarquista Translated by Act for freedom now!