Lusatia (Germany): new sabotage of overhead lines with hooks

Lusatia : new sabotage of overhead lines with hooks

New sabotage with hooks in the Lausitz region

Together with the SystemChangeCamp and the action of Ende Gelände, hooks were again hung on overhead lines in the Lausitz coal region.

We also see the need to expand our forms of action and to maintain the resistance against the normality of capitalist fossil energy. We refer to the actions in Hamburg and Wilhelmshaven this weekend, to the rail sabotage and especially to the action of the Friendly Hooks two weeks ago.

We are pleased with the lively discussion, which continues to make clear the necessity of sabotage. Thus we take a stand in this debate. For us, it is necessary to put into action what is said. This is what we have done, and we hope that other groups will also continue the dynamic that has emerged in recent months. We are standing up to the LEAG coal company and we hope to harm them and inflict significant damage on them.

Together for a good life for all
it also works with the hook!