Chile : Explosive Attack Against Belasco Construction Company in Las Condes + Claim by “Grupo de Acción 6 de Julio-Nueva Subversión”.

Explosive Attack Against Belasco Construction Company in Las Condes + Claim by “Grupo de Acción 6 de Julio-Nueva Subversión”.

During the night of Tuesday July 5, around 11 pm an anonymous cyclist was riding through the streets of the wealthy Las Condes neighbourhood and stopped at the intersection of Ebro and Encomenderos.

This is the location of the corporate building of the construction company Belasco, the anonymous person manages to pass a small package through the fence towards the interior of the building. After a few minutes, the device explodes, damaging the facade, mainly the pillar, the entrance gate and windows of the building.

The unknown silhouette manages to continue its course without any problem or being detected. The typical police personnel for these events arrive at the place: GOPE, LABOCAR, OS-9 in charge of the already-traditional Fiscalia Sur, self-styled expert for these cases.

From the progressive government, the Minister of the Interior Izkia Siches said: “investigations are in progress, I am aware of the incident and we hope that they will rapidly be able to shed light on it. These are deeds that we obviously reject as a government and we hope they will not be repeated in our country”.

For his part, the Undersecretary of the Interior, Manuel Monsalve, said: “We must not anticipate judgments, there are audiovisual images of the person who placed the explosive device, concerning the Besalco company”.

A few hours later the “Grupo de Acción 6 de Julio-Nueva Subversión” claimed the action by means of emails to different counter-information media, indicating the main motivation for the attack being the participation of the company Belasco in various prisons in Chile, as well as a gesture of remembrance to the memory of comrade Luisa Toledo, in solidarity with comrade Marcelo Villarroel and against the sentences of the military justice system.

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Explosive attack against Besalco S.A., Chile

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“We need to change this peaceful, calm, simple way of life, with nothing going on, that is a routine every day. It has to be startling for it to be life, continually startling. It has to be joy and pain, it has to be rage and hate.”
– Luisa Toledo.

“When there are many without honour, there will always be others who carry with them the honour of many.”

On Tuesday night, July 5, after 11 p.m., we attacked the company Besalco S.A. on the corner of Ebro and Encomenderos, in the wealthy district of Las Condes.

Starting in 2002, the first bids to implement the contract system of prisons in Chile began, a total of 8 prisons would be distributed among the companies bidding for their construction and administration. Besalco, together with Sociedad de Concesiones de Chile and Sodexo Chile, formed Group 1 and were in charge of the Alto Hospicio, La Serena and Rancagua prisons. Group 2 (Sodexo Chile) was awarded the contract for Concepción and Antofagasta prisons. Finally, Group 3 (Vinci Construction) manages the Santiago 1, Valdivia and Puerto Montt prisons.

The contract system works with the companies providing cleaning, food and infrastructure services inside the prisons, while the State, through the Gendarmerie, administers the custody of the prisoners. Overpopulation is not a problem for these wretches, since the State must compensate them for each additional prisoner, up to the maximum capacities that these same companies set. Expenses are reduced to the minimum so that profits are greater, and so the conditions inside the prisons are deficient.

These business groups do not only participate in the prison industry in Chile, but over the years they have woven a monopoly that expands throughout the world, managing prisons in different countries. Insurrectional action finds them and succeeds in attacking them, because if we despise the servile custodians of the Gendarmerie, we also despise those who do their business with overcrowding, torture and humiliation.

Inside the Rancagua prison, administered by the nefarious company we have attacked, are prisoners Juan Aliste Vega, Marcelo Villarroel, Joaquín García and Francisco Solar, to whom we send our anarchist greetings. We also salute comrade Mónica Caballero, held hostage in the San Miguel prison.

A year ago comrade Luisa Toledo met death after a long life of combat, resistance and dignity, leaving in her story thousands of lessons, teachings and clarities to confront authority and capital. Luisa detested lukewarm and grey positions, defender of street action, of masks and the street in flames, for this reason, on this cold night, we remember the comrade with a bang. We carry action in our blood, which boils remembering our dead.

We salute comrades Giannis Michailidis, Giorgia Voulgari and Thanos Xatziagkelou, on hunger strike in the prison of Korydallos, Greece.

To the comrades in Italy, Belarus, Indonesia, Mexico, Germany, Belgium… may the autonomous attack expand mercilessly against power, in all directions.

Let us remember the weichafe Pablo Marchant murdered a year ago at the hands of the police. To our comrades killed in action, Mauricio Morales, Sebastián Oversluij, Claudia López, Jony Cariqueo, long live their memory.

To all the cells of action that have attacked in recent times, all our strength and complicity. May the attack not wane, may it be strengthened and find its full expressions of destruction.

We stand in solidarity with comrade Marcelo Villarroel, who resists in the prisons of democracy! Faced with the denial of his freedom, we must be in the streets agitating for his prompt release.

Multiply autonomous action!!!!

Dynamite the neighbourhoods of the rich and powerful!!!!

Nothing is over, the war on power continues!!!!

Grupo de Acción 6 de Julio
Nueva Subversión

[July 6th Action Group
New Subversion]

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Translated by Act for freedom now!