Chile: Anarchist Comrades Luis and Ignacio Avaca are released from prison!

Comrades Luis and Ignacio Avaca are released from prison!
 Publicacion Refractario
In November 2020, an explosive package explodes in the Talca police station, slightly injuring a policeman. The action is claimed by “Entes sin Rostro, nada ni nadie que ustedes conozcan” (Faceless Entities, nothing and no one you know).
In May 2021, in a large operation, the police managed to capture Luis and Ignacio Avaca, after the investigation carried out by OS-9 personnel and the South Prosecutor’s Office. The comrades – twin brothers – were taken to the Talca prison and then transferred to Rancagua while the investigative process was underway.

In January 2022, both were able to reach an abbreviated procedure under the anti-terrorist law, that is, to assume responsibility in exchange for a sentence agreed with the prosecution.
This is how the comrades assume the action (We are responsible. About our participation in the fact that we are accused and take political responsibility) and get to be sentenced to 3 years, a sentence that after months of imprisonment, they will continue to serve in the street.
No repentance!
Good road to comrades Ignacio and Luis, in the street!
Solidarity with those who attack the police and arm themselves in their denials!
Ttanslated by Act for freedom now!