Greece: Message of comrade prisoner Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis in response to yesterday’s demos 30.1.21,at the prisons of Domokos and Larissa

Solidarity Gathering, 30/01/22 at  Domokos prison  and Larissa prison for anarchist comrades V. Stathopoulos and D. Hatzivassiliadis


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Hello comrades,
The most important issue of the trial scheduled for February 9 is the release of comrade Vangelis Stathopoulos, against whom social solidarity on the front line of the revolutionary struggle is being brutally attacked. I, defending the revolutionary struggle, the guerrilla and widespread armed social resistance, have long been committed to the cause of social solidarity, freedom and equality. Today I stand in a position of political counter-attack against counter-revolutionary terrorism, based on the current political agendas and the movement strategy of the Organisation for Revolutionary Self-Defence, for direct all-embracing confederal social self-management.

But political solidarity cannot be confined to individuals and prosecution cases. We have before us the whole range of manifestations of political repression. The very particular political characteristics of the trial highlight our duty to put all our efforts into defending our comrade Dimitris Koufontinas, whose release will be re-examined by the State in the coming days on more aggressive terms than those it formulated last year in its attempt to exterminate him.
Strength to all the captured fighters in the Greek territory and everywhere.
May the struggle continue
Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis
Address to send letters to comrade:
Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis
Dikastiki Filaki Domokou
T.K.  35010
Translated by Act for freedom now!