Solidarity with anarchist comrades V. Stathopoulos and D. Hatzivassiliadis (Greece)

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On 8/11/2020 anti-terrorist cops arrest the anarchist militant V. Stathopoulos, implicating him, through an anonymous phone call, in the armed robbery of the ΟΠΑΠ store in Cholargos (expropriation of a local state casino store in athens).
 In this robbery, the comrade D. Hatzivassiliadis was injured, and sought and received medical assistance from V. Stathopoulos.
Without wasting a moment, the anti-terrorist police dubbed the robbery a “terrorist” action of the “Revolutionary Self-Defence” organization and drew up a heavy indictment against V. Stathopoulos, whom they presented as a member of the organization, even though the comrade was imprisoned during most of the action of this organization. From the very first moment, he denies his involvement in both the robbery and the organisation in question, and insists that his only involvement in the case was in trying to provide first aid to the injured comrade D. Hatzivassiliadis.

On 9/8, the persecuted anarchist militant Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis was arrested in Thessaloniki. The next day, he is brought to Thessaloniki Magistrate’s Court and the prosecutor brings criminal charges against him for robbery, violation of the law on weapons (aggravated case of carrying weapons – possession of weapons – use of weapons), theft with repeated burglary, causing harmful harassment and insubordination.
Comrades B. Stathopoulos and D. Hatzivasiliadis have been sentenced in the first instance to 19 and 16 years’ imprisonment respectively. On 9 February they will be tried in the second instance. The political and moral support of our comrades is essential.
Gathering, 30/01, Domokos prison 13:00 and Larissa prison 17:00:
Gathering, 04/02, Tsimiski & Navarinou 18:00 Thessaloniki
Translated by Act for freedom now!