Brussels, Belgium: End of the Acrata project

Acrata, 3 November 2021
Hello everyone,
The anarchist library Acrata opened its doors in 2008. At the time, a text presented it not only as a “space for meetings and discussions”, but also as an “instrument to sharpen our knowledge and to find solid bases to confront domination”.
Throughout the years, people from here and elsewhere met there, publications from different parts of the world were disseminated and discussed, struggles (local or international) were defended and debated. Acrata was also a space for those who recognized themselves in it. As is often the case with struggles and interpersonal relationships, the dynamics within Acrata have changed over the years, sometimes marking fault lines.

Today, the library is closing its doors and it is not without a touch of nostalgia that we remember all the discussions, film presentations, exhibitions and other apéros or solidarity meals that took place there. At the moment of putting an end to the adventure that this space has been, we wanted to thank all those with whom we have been able to share these beautiful moments, as well as the sometimes more difficult moments.
The end of the Acrata project does not necessarily mean the end of a space in the heart of Brussels where ideas are exchanged and explored to fight against all forms of domination. Keep an eye out.
An anarchist who participated in the project
Ps: The space remains open for the moment on Thursdays from 5 to 8 pm.
via: acratabxl
Translated by Act for freedom now!