Italy – Mauro Rossetti Busa on hunger strike Translated by act for freedom now!


From his correspondence with a comrade, Mauro says he has been on hunger strike since 3rd September. We report a passage from his letter of 5th September: `

…on 3.9.2021 I began a hunger strike, unfortunately in five days my weight has gone down to 61.4 kg. I am aware of what I could come up against considering my health problems, but if this is worthwhile to obtain being transferred to near Tuscany in order to have visits with my family I’ll carry on – I haven’t seen my family since February 2018. There are no other alternatives in order to avoid hunger strike. I have made many requests and just as many were rejected for security reasons in this or in other prisons – now, enough is enough!
I hug you all
A letter from Mauro Rossetti Busa from the prison of Agrigento 20.04.2020
we receive this letter from who it was sent to, and are publishing it at Mauro’s request
A letter from Mauro Rossetti Busa of April 20 from the prison of Agrigento
…my aspiration has always been based on the ideal of ‘anarchist communism’, especially in the past years where I have always been convinced that our real enemy has always been capitalism, although I must say that capitalism has never been the only enemy but also its dependable state.

I have always considered the state as an idea, a strong ally of capitalism while at the same time  drawing its strength from it. As long as capitalism and its ally the state exist, they will continue to oppress the proletariat, the oppressed, the unemployed, the workers.
For these reasons, ‘anarchist-communism’ is also revolutionary anarchism that should lead to individual and consequently violent actions, as in my opinion they are important and necessary.
Individual actions, including those carried out by the mass, should strengthen the whole movement and would put an end to waiting.
I must also say that the oppressed, unemployed and workers, by continuing to accept being subjugated have not always done anything other than form more and more of a distinct and enemy class.
…. even although I cannot hide the fact that I have always been in favour of resorting to violence….armed struggle.
Perhaps, my dear comrades, many of you will not share this contextual political ideological thinking of mine, I am referring to what I have expressed about armed struggle.
The course of the years has led me to believe with full conviction that implementing/having recourse to armed struggle is the only way to counter capitalism and its ally…the state.
I thank you for your attention and your political solidarity by embracing all the comrades who knew me in person and those who have got to know me through correspondence.
This is not to say goodbye to my past, present and future, it is to inform you that I have embarked on another path, that of “anarchist communism” and that anarchy in general has always been revolutionary and has always practised armed struggle since the years of its birth.
I apologise to all of you for my silence, which is not due to me but to censorship.
Prison of Agrigento
Rossetti Busa Mauro
I extend my greetings to my fellow comrades of the AS2 regime in Terni.
Translated by Act for freedom now!