(Thessaloniki Greece)Information from a gathering of solidarity with D. Hatzivassiliadis and his transfer to Korydallos prison in Athens.

The anarchist comrade Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis passed on Thursday 12/08 in front of an investigator and prosecutor at Thessaloniki Court, supporting his actions based on his conscription policy and his political choice to expropriate a bank, due to his condition of illegality and survival as a fugitive. There has not yet been a decision on the length of his sentence. Some people in solidarity gathered outside the Courthouse, banners were hung, fliers were thrown and anarchist slogans were shouted. The forces of OPKE and MAT (Units for the Reinstatement of Order and special division of the Hellenic Police,)  had blocked all the entrances-exits around the perimeter of the building, as a result of which any live communication of the comrade with the people of the gathering was not possible.
As of 09/08/2021, the fighter was detained at the Thessaloniki Police Headquarters under the pretext of quarantine and could not receive any visitors and it was impossible for him to receive his basic items. This is a result of the wider strategy of the state, which tries to isolate captive militants and cause difficulties in their living conditions. Although they had informed the comrade that he would be quarantined for two weeks at GADTH, today, Friday 13/08, he was abducted at 6am without even receiving his things – while their receipt was scheduled for later the same day – and without knowing where he was being transferred.
From the latest information from people close to him: The comrade has been transferred to Korydallos to the underground wing of the women’s prison and is again in isolation.
Do not leave him alone in the hands of the state.
Strength and solidarity with the captured anarchist fighter Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis.
Via: athens.indymedia
Translation by Act for freedom now!