Greece: About the anarchist comrade Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis arrested on 9/8/2021

The comrade D. was given a deadline to apologize tomorrow 12/8/21 , at 11am. We call for a solidarity gathering  outside of the Courts building s in Thessaloniki
Solidarity with the fighter D. Hatzivassiliadis
Fire to the fire of power!
in solidarity

[Athens] Banner in solidarity with Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis

On the 9th of August, 2021, fugitive comrade Dimitris Hatzivasiliadis was captured in Thessaloniki. To send a message of power and solidarity with the captured comrade, we hung a banner of solidarity in Athens.
Today at 10.00 morning  11/8/21, the comrade will go through an investigation. No alone in the hands of the state! Everyone at the solidarity gathering at the Court of Thessaloniki at 10.00.
According to the regime 9.8.21, the arrest took place in Thessaloniki. We must not leave it like this. There must be information through his own people (close comrades, friends, lawyers) so that we do not leave him alone in the hands of the State, without knowing his movements.
Update 10/8/21
After a telephone communication with the comrade D. Hatzivassiliadis, he is fine, they have not transferred him to Athens, they have still got him in Thessaloniki, maybe today he will go before a prosecutor. People in solidarity in Thessaloniki need to mobilize and stand in solidarity in the event that they are passed before a prosecutor or investigator there.
via: Athens indymedia