Greece: letter by Anarchist Comrade Th. Chatziangelou: Revolutionary Dignity or Death’ there is no middle ground solution

Thanos Chatzianggelou: Revolutionary Dignity or Death’ there is no middle ground solution

For almost two months now behind walls,there has been a mobilization against the new penal codetaking place whichaims to turn prisons into a cemetery of the living dead and while the Ministry shows ice-cold indifference and underestimates our struggle, they announce new humiliating measures against us such as, the recent announcements made by Theodorikakos regarding the suspension of transfers and the presence of the accused ones in trials via teleconference.

During the last days before the fiesta that the President of the Republic is preparing in Korydallos, an invisible committee of power runs the prison spreading bread and circuses. After the invasion bySWAT, OPKE (Special Police Teams for Crime Prevention and Suppression) and Drug Enforcement forces on the 17th of December and the terror show that followed without any findings, on the morning of December 19thmy abduction and vengeful transfer to Nigrita Prisons took place. All thishappenat the exact same day that the cop killer of 16-year-old Kostas Frangoulis is released.

I have declared from the very first days of my capture that I will defend my proud captivity to the end against every dead freedom. Revolutionary tasks, commitments to struggle and enlistment in resistances are not lofty philosophical crowns but the depiction of a life dedicated to the struggle. Nothing less is worth as much as this. My transferregards the position I have chosen to take in this mobilization and the fear they attempt to instill in anyone who resists this barbed wire asphyxiation. Both outside and inside the walls, I will always stand at the forefront of the struggle. The vanity of Tyranny wants to raise barriers to revolutionary tendencies. But nothing can bend us, nothing could end the passion for liberation.

Since 19/12 I am going on a hunger and thirst strike until they disclose the true reason behind my transfer and my immediate return to Korydallos prison.

Strength to my captive brothers who stayed behind and are fighting for all of us

Hail Themis, those about to die salute you

Resistance until the end, till we win

ThanosChatziangelou, captive member of the Organization Anarchist Action

Sub-directorate of Transfer Courts of Thessaloniki


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