Athens,Greece: Life is not so good/ Claim of action

Life is not so good/ Claim of action

In the early morning hours of November 19 to 20 november a van of the multinational company LG (life is good) in Kaisariani, was boarded up. Life is good only for the bosses and the rulers of this world. For us it becomes good only in moments like this, when we act. We dedicate this attack to the Turkish fighters who are on hunger strike demanding a fair trial and to comrade Alfredo Cospito who is on hunger strike against the 41bis regime.

Solidarity to the 4 comrades who are being persecuted for the case of “comrades”.
We send fiery signals of solidarity to the 4 imprisoned comrades accused of the attack on the Piraeus traffic police and to the imprisoned comrades D. Hatzivassiliadis and V. Stathopoulos, who are currently undergoing an appeal trial.
Practical and aggressive solidarity to all political prisoners.


via: athens.indymedia  Translated by Act for freedom!