Athens,Greece: Taking responsibility for the attack at the Attiko Metro station destroying entrance barriers, ticket machines and ATMs.

Taking responsibility by Anarchists

The use and exploitation of the urban fabric by State and capital has experienced different conditions and modes of enforcement. From metropolitan centres – factories aimed at absorbing as much of the industrial workforce as possible, to bureaucratic and decision-making centres, to amusement parks and theme parks, metropolitan centres have been points of great interest to the rulers of this world. An interest which was in turn met with resistance from the struggling sections of society. From roadblocks and barricades, clashes and demonstrations, to occupations and acts of sabotage, the social base found and continues to find ways of re-appropriating the space in which it lives, works and socialises. From the Paris Commune to the Gezi Square in Istanbul, the struggles for and within the urban fabric make up a mosaic of resistance against State and capital.

Even today, when the Athenian metropolis, with its centre at its peak, is a tourist resort reserved for the European “cream of the crop”, there are daily struggles to defend and visualise the social base. In a situation where the State with its uniformed guards is consolidating the further impoverishment and alienation of those from below, struggles such as the one in defence of Exarcheia are moments of rallying and counter-attack.

As much as the media try to conceal mass marches and clashes, or rush to characterize such breakouts in metro stations as a piece of organized hooliganism, the inability to control and suppress them proves that the metropolis still belongs to the oppressed and resisting parts of society. With a multiform struggle, we are trying to create obstacles to the plans of the State and capital.

At the same time that poverty, fascism, patriarchy and gentrification are being imposed as a natural State, we choose to disrupt them at every opportunity and send back part of the violence we experience. For this reason, on Sunday 23/11, we attacked the Attiko Metro station Ag. Ioannis, destroying entrance barriers, ticket machines and ATMs, participating our way against the increasing proliferation of the metro station in Exarcheia Square and in the struggle to defend the neighbourhood.

Solidarity with the 4 imprisoned comrades, who are being prosecuted for the Piraeus traffic police case.
Victory for the hunger strike of Alfredo Cospito.

Translated by Act for freedom now!