Amsterdam: Announcing the opening of a new anarchist space ‘De Verdieping’ at Kaboem.

Anouncing the opening of a new anarchist space in Amsterdam ‘De
Verdieping’ at Kaboem.

Some say that we are running out of time. Some say the anarchist idea and the fight for a social revolution belong to past centuries. Some say that authority is annihilating and alienating all life on this planet to a point of no return. Some say that digital distraction and its convenient confusionism have replaced our capacity to imagine an autonomous and free life. Some say that there is no way out of the deadly logics of progress, power and profit. Some say that we live in a world of sheep and wolves, and there are no other forms of relationships possible.

Perhaps. Perhaps we are just untamable dreamers that stubbornly refuse to accept the horrors and obedience that this authoritarian world thrives on. Or perhaps we simply cannot turn our backs on the black thread of history: as long as there have been those dominating and exploiting — upheld by those reproducing or resigning to these logics –, there have been individuals who have never stopped lusting for freedom; those who never kneeled to the tyranny of cages and categories; those who transmit their experiences of struggle for others to make their own; those who have never settled for mere survival nor for the comfort of a life built on the oppression of others; those who embrace and spread the adventure of revolt inviting anyone with a disgust for authority to find their own means to struggle against it; those who generously put into practice diverse and sublime acts of solidarity; those who, faced with the blows of repression, remain fierce and dignified; those who refuse representation, compromises, political strategies or assimilation.

We are on their side and the spreading, deepening and continuation of these ideas and practices are explicitly why we created a new anarchist space. In these times of crisis and catastrophes, repression and restructuring, virtual life and voluntary servitude, our hearts, heads and hands are determined in pursuing and pushing a tension for
solidarity, direct action and self-organization.

Though it can feel overwhelming, we are refusing the path of
resignation. We continue to develop ways to deepen the sense and
sensibility of our ideas and the urgency to act, to seek out accomplices with whom to exchange and experience our rebellion, to give amplitude to the sparks of life and struggle that inspire us, to give access to discussions, analysis and projects that contribute to social revolt.

De verdieping is a modest contribution to giving space, strength and
surge to anarchist perspectives and proposals. So if this sparked some interest in you, feel welcome to come by and check out our space, where, next to housing a print shop, we will have weekly opening hours, a distro with older and newer anarchist publications, an archive and good coffee.