Toulouse, France : Scopelec vehicle on fire in solidarity with Boris

Toulouse,Scopelec vehicle on fire in solidarity with Boris

This world is becoming more and more unbreathable every day. The techno-industrial system has a lot to do with it. In order not to be suffocated, on the night of September 12 to 13, we chose to attack. Under the gaze of the crows and the moon, we burned a Scopelec van.

At the moment of writing this communiqué, our thoughts flew to Boris who, after being locked up in state cages, continues to suffer repression by the judicial and medical authorities. The defenders of these institutions are seeking to deprive him of his autonomy in order to punish him for burning down cell towers and more generally for his hostility to their world.

If we want to stand in solidarity with people who are attacking domination, we also want to bear in mind that “their world” runs through us and that the struggle against gender oppression cannot be relegated to second place in our actions or our relationships.

Solidarity with the anarchist prisoners!

Translated by Act for freedom now!