Athens, Greece: Claim for incendiary attack on a mobile phone antenna by FAI/ELF Anti-cultural nucleus of total chaos and destruction

Athens, Claim for incendiary attack on a mobile phone antenna  in Palaio psixiko area ( Παλαιό Ψυχικό)

I’m going into the dark.
The green lights of the security vehicles watch the streets and corners.
They spy, they guard, bringing security to the neighbourhood of the rich.

They don’t know what’s happening to them.

Under their noses, I’m getting to my target.

An antenna that pollutes the sky with radio signals.

A cursed place, my howling at the moon, my fire, my curse (in the form of an incendiary device).

I say:
I bring this curse to spread in all six directions.
East, west, north, south, the underworld and the overworld.
I curse all cops and prison guards.
I curse all people who act like cops. (Parents, family, teachers, social workers, guidance counselors, all kinds of preachers, bosses and snitches)
May all of you and your attitudes be extinguished by fire.
I curse all prisons. (Whether they imprison people with two, four, six or many legs, or whether they imprison those with roots and leaves)
May fire consume all prisons forever.

I curse the job and the whole industry.

I curse all the rich. (The true sickness of this world)
May all this be consumed by fire.

I curse the city.

I curse civilization itself. (The corpse of Leviathan rotting and feeding on men and earth)
May it all be reduced to rubble by fire.
May this curse spread everywhere.
I light the fuse.
I come out of the darkness.
I look back from a distance.
I see the cloud of smoke in the sky. I smile.
For a brief moment chaos cancels out order.
Anything can happen…
Silence spreads…
Radio silence…

This act was done in solidarity with:
Giannis Michailidis and Pola Roupa.
Alfredo Cospito and Toby Shone.
Marius Mason, Leonard Peltier and Ladislav Kuc.
The Mapuche warriors of Ellicora 8.
In solidarity with all indigenous people fighting against civilization and colonialism.
In solidarity with the struggles at the Strefi Hill and Exarcheia Square.

Anti-cultural nucleus of total chaos and destruction.


via: athens.indymediaTranslated by Act for freedom now!