Immediate release of Giannis Michailidis on hunger strike since 23/05 /22 (Greece)




On 22/02/2022, comrade Giannis MichaiIidis is informed that for the Amfissa Plenary Council he does not meet the “essential” conditions for his release after more than 8 years of imprisonment, as for the council, there is a “risk of committing new offences”.
Comrade G.M. has been targeted for years by the authorities because of his subversive activities. Recently, because of the targeting of him, as well as other prisoners, for the riot that took place in the Malandrino prison in solidarity with the then hunger striker Dino Giantzoglou, he took the option of escaping from prison. In a robbery he carried out while in the illegal situation, he was caught by the cops and taken back to prison.

Nevertheless, under the state’s own laws on merging sentences, the comrade meets all the formal requirements for his release. The Board is vindictively keeping him inside, for vague and indefinite “substantive reasons”, on a completely unsubstantiated rationale of general justification for robbery on the part of G.M.

The comrade is in a special exempt status because of his political beliefs and practices, serving an exhaustive sentence that is being extended arbitrarily. He has been on hunger strike Since Monday 23/05, in order to obtain his release.

“(…) And finally, knowing that it is possible that this strike may be the last part of my journey, I wish to give it precisely that dimension which expresses me as a whole:
The struggle for the freedom of one, is the struggle for the freedom of all…
…until the destruction of the last cage

Giannis Michailidis,
pre-emtively captured in Malandrinos Prison.”


Translated by Act for freedom now!