Athens, Greece: Political text by Anarchist Georgia Voulgari, a prisoner in the women’s prison of Korydallos.

Political text by Georgia Voulgari, a prisoner in the women’s prison of Korydallos.

We are in a daily war, a war with the status quo, with every form of power that eats away at our lives, and in this war I realized where I belong. In a world where patriarchy rapes and kills us, where capitalism crushes us, impoverishing what we call life, in this world where humanity itself dominates nature and animals, perpetuating anthropocentric thinking and speciesism. So I chose sides. For the power complex will not destroy itself, no social change will come about unless our action transcends reformist logics, having a will to believe and a commitment to our ideas, putting theory into practice.

I proudly declare myself anarchist, proud that in this rotten society, the society of submission and spectacle, I did not bow my head before exploitation and power and chose to stand next to comrades who, by supporting the multiform struggle, also wrote their own page in the revolutionary historical memory. So far, living my new life next to them, in squats, through their common struggles for freedom, I learned what solidarity and comradeship is, what it means to give everything for what you believe in even if you are going to lose your freedom. I take the political responsibility that is due to me for my complicity in the incendiary attack that took place on 8/2 at the Foundation for National and Religious Reflection. A fragmentary action, which was not carried out by an organisation, namely the Anarchist Action organisation of which I am accused as a member, but was motivated by the desires and anger of two people against religious obscurantism, patriarchy and state power.

Where social acceptance meets well-established conservatism in the person of a priest, a man who in this day and age still holds power over us, over the body of a minor girl whom he did not hesitate to violate in the most obscene way, knowing that because of both his male supremacy and his prerogative as a holy person, there would be no consequences. Like so many others like him, racialized or not, knowing that they have an entire power system to protect them and the complicity of the state and society, they continue to perpetuate gender violence, patriarchy and sexism, with the result that every day we count more females on the list of victims. The action was chosen to take place in a building owned by the church to demonstrate the fact and as a message to any priest who thinks that his actions will not come at a price.

I am now a prisoner in the women’s prison of Korydallos, charged under 187A with terrorism and membership of the Anarchist Action organisation, for which the political responsibility has been assumed by comrade Thanos Chatziaggelou. A proud revolutionary and anarchist, he did not bend at the thought of imprisonment in the cells of democracy and did not back down for a moment.

Thus we are faced with an indictment, now known for those who are persecuted for their political activity and identity, which needs 3 people to set up and this was shown by the arrest and detention of comrade Panos Kalaitzis, who is clearly persecuted for his friendly-collaborative relationship with Thanos. We are well aware of the intentions and tactics of the anti-terrorist police, their attempt to politically and psychologically annihilate us. That is not going to happen. We all three stand strong and united against them.
As for my living in prison: it has now become their habit to impose themselves on me, by targeting my correspondence since it is not accepted because of its political content in some cases. They think they will break our morale, but they only succeed in doing the opposite.

Strength to all the imprisoned comrades, human and non-human, held captive in the hellholes of this world.

For total liberation and anarchy.

Georgia Voulgari,
Korydallos women’s prison.


via: athens.indymediaTranslated by Act for freedom now!