Text by anarchist comrade Dimitris Hatziivassiliadis: Freedom for the anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza

Freedom for the anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza

The French State is at the forefront of the predatory capitalist war against the planet. It protects its monopolistic exploitation of natural resources and its investments in North Africa and the Middle East with military interventions and all kinds of support to counter-revolutionary forces. French militarism is a key pillar of NATO and the military wing of the EU. On French territory it strikes the social movement by military means…

The hypocrisy of bourgeois democracy is stripped bare by the status it reserves for captured militants. The Lebanese militant Georges Ibrahim Abdallah has been in French prisons since 1984 after a barrage of attacks against the American and Israeli states. Under French law he should have been released from prison in 1999. But Abdallah’s detention is being illegally extended because he remains an unrepentant revolutionary.

(Revolutionary Self-Defence Organization 2016 for armed political intervention with a grenade at the French embassy guard post)

Anarchist rebel Claudio Lavazza, after 25 years of captivity by the Spanish state for bank expropriations, is still being held by the French state, when legally he should have been released in December. Comrade Claudio Lavazza participated in the mass revolutionary movement of the 70s and 80s through the PAC and other groups, he was a pioneer of resistance in prison, he never left the guerrilla struggle.

The counterattack against the terror of the bosses remains necessary throughout time.

Freedom to Georges Ibrahim Abdallah and Claudio Lavazza

Dimitris Hatzivassiliadis


via: athens.indymedia

Translated by Act for freedom now!