Athens, Greece: Claim of Responsibility / Fire against a company that collaborates with prisons by Anarchists

Claim of Responsibility / Fire against a company that collaborates with prisons

As a small participation in the Easter celebrations, we carried out an arson attack on a KONE car of a multinational company that collaborates with prisons, in Ioustinianou street in Exarcheia on Saturday night 23/4.

The class bias of the judiciary is made clear by a series of cases involving accused businessmen, politicians, cops and fascists, who are put on record, end up with acquittals or short sentences, as opposed to the proletarian accused that are piled up in prisons all over the country for years. Especially in the case of political prisoners with a militant attitude throughout their imprisonment, the demonstrativeness of the State and the authorities unfolds at every opportunity. With special conditions of detention, lengthy procedures, late decisions, interruption of permits, etc., imprisoned comrades are confronted with a system which on the one hand depoliticizes their action and on the other hand creates a regime of exception around them.

One result of this class bias is the indefinite detention of comrade Giannis Michailidis, precisely because he openly joined the oppressed, against exploitation and power, continuing his struggle both outside and inside the walls.The decision of the court of Amfissa makes Giannis Michailidis a prisoner for an indefinite period of time. After 8 and a half years’ incarceration, the council has rejected the comrade’s request for release on the grounds that “he does not meet the essential conditions as there is a risk of committing new offences”. This decision not only deprives the comrade of his own freedom, but also introduces the condition of the indefinite prisoner where a small board decides at its discretion who qualifies for release and who does not, without any regard to its own laws.

KONE is a multinational company based in Finland, operating in over 60 countries. It was a concern of the antagonist movement – not only in Greece – some years ago because of its anti-worker policies (wage cuts, redundancies) during the brutal restructuring of the relations of production imposed by the Greek bourgeoisie and international capital to the detriment of the oppressed through the memorandum.

A central part of the company’s activity is the construction and maintenance of prison lifts in France and the USA, making a profit from incarceration, in collaboration with States that have legalised the indefinite detention contract for decades. In the case of the French State, this is personified in the harshest terms in the imprisonment of the Palestinian liberation fighter Georges Abdallah, while in a number of US states, dozens of female and male fighters of the Black Liberation Army and the Black Panthers have faced and are still facing the indefinite detention condition.

In a generalised situation of impoverishment, stepping up repression against the insurgent and collectivised sections of society it is a logical consequence of the State. This is why they try to introduce the condition of indefinite detention, persecute anarchists who have openly taken a stand for revolutionary violence, criminalise solidarity and construct upgraded charges and organisations.

Tearing down every prison and solidarity with anyone and everyone facing and confronting State repression is an integral part of the anarchist movement. Every institution and corporation that promotes, benefits from and profits from incarceration ought to be in our sights. And to those who weave the thread of revolutionary memory and are incarcerated because of their choice, we must stand by them, in practice at every moment, making it clear that they are an active part of the struggle itself.

Until the demolition of every prison


Translated by Act for freedom now!