Munich (Germany): Raids and charges (article 129) against anarchists

On Tuesday 26.04.2022, coordinated raids were carried out in various flats in Munich and at the anarchist library Frevel, as part of an investigation into criminal organization.

Those involved are accused of incitement to criminal activity through anarchist publications. The cops confiscated almost every anarchist newspaper and pamphlet along with all printing equipment. Two of the accused were identified and DNA samples were taken; the two were then released. All of the accused are out of custody.

The cops are trying to intimidate, scare, and terrorize us, but we are not surprised that in times of state of emergencies and war, the state is cracking down on its enemies, on anarchist ideas and on the means to spread them.

More info will follow…

No speculations…

ACAB 4 eva

* Note of Sans Nom: Article 129 of the German penal code, is the one known under the name “constitution of criminal organizations”, which criminalizes not only the creation of criminal associations, but also the membership of, and the support for such organizations. It is regularly used in Germany against revolutionaries, and has been used in recent years in Leipzig, Weimar, Hamburg, Frankfurt and Berlin.

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