Patras, Greece: Taking responsibility for an attack on a police station by Revolutionary Virus

At dawn on Monday 10 April 2022,we gave back some of the violence we receive daily from the State and its executive organs.We attacked the police transfer station in Patras with fire in a coordinated and silent way.
Endless, alternating and daily restrictions, full prisons, the many imprisoned souls, permanent injustice. Constant economic exploitation, dependency, the social media of degradation, the dominant livestream of competition and obsession with appearances, State plans for altering and dissolving the relationships we create autonomously from below.

These are the characteristics of modern society. One side of the coin. In the authoritarian society of hypocrisy, poverty, inequality we will either organize and stand up with responsibility or remain alone, weak and always defeated.
What more justly pleasing and consistent then than a successful throwdown with the cops.
Long live the struggle against exploitation and injustice
Fire on the uniformed dogs
Power to the prisoners and those fighting for a better society
via: athens.indymedia
Translated by Act for freedom now!