Athens, Greece: Update from the event on April 14 2022 at ASOEE on the case of anarchist Claudio Lavazza

On Thursday, April 14th, the event of Anarchist Initiative against State Killings, concerning the case of the anarchist comrade Claudio Lavazza, took place at the ASOEE with quite a massive presence of comrades.
The presentation was read as well as the transcript of an interview Claudio has given about his case and a video was shown concerning the expropriation of a bank in Cordoba and the subsequent confrontation with the police forces when he was arrested.

Finally, comments and statements were made by comrades about the connection between Claudio’s experience of struggle, especially the years when he participated in the Italian movement, and the present day, and it was decided to call an open assembly to organize a meeting at the French embassy on May 17,  2022 the day when the comrade’s appeal against the decision of the bourgeois justice system that is forcing him to serve another 5 years in prison until he is released will be heard.