Paris, France: Action against the construction contractors of the 2024 Olympics

A few weeks ago, two companies involved in the construction of the Olympic infrastructure for the Paris 2024 Olympics were redecorated:
– The architectural firm Chabanne*, which is working on the future “solarium” in Aubervilliers. The work destroyed the gardens that existed near the Fort d’Aubervilliers metro station. Some friends have set up a JAD for some time, we wanted to send them a little hello. The struggle is not over!

– The Vincent Parreira* architecture studio, which is working on the future Olympic village, located on Ile Saint Denis. After the Olympics, these houses will be sold for a high price and will contribute to the gentrification of Seine-Saint-Denis.
We tagged the facades and threw some eggs filled with used oil. We laughed at their attempts to clean up. Oil doesn’t mix with water, so they just made a mess on the pavement and, hopefully, inside their offices.
For us, the Olympics (in Paris or elsewhere) are an accelerator of already existing dynamics: gentrification of working-class neighbourhoods with its share of evictions, surveillance and control of populations, destruction of the few remaining natural spaces in the metropolis, etc.
It is hard to imagine how much money is involved in this kind of project, and how many companies take advantage of it to gorge themselves. Each of these companies is a potential target! From the architectural or landscaping firm to the large developer, via the myriad of construction, security and management companies, etc. Let’s attack them!
They want the Olympics to be a great party, let’s ruin it.
Against the Olympics, neither here nor there!
* Note of Attaque:
– Chabanne Architecte, 6 cité de l’Ameublement 75011 Paris
– AAVP Architecture, 11 cité de l’Ameublement 75011 Paris
…in case others want to visit them.
via: attaque Translated by Act for freedom now!