Paris: Molotov cocktail hits the Russian cultural center

via: attaque
Le Parisien / Monday, March 7, 2022
The Russian House of Science and Culture, a cultural entity considered close to the Russian power of Vladimir Putin, was the target of Molotov cocktail, “an incendiary device”, says a source close to the case. The act took place Sunday night, at 2:45 am.
One or more individuals aimed at the signs and the gate of the entrance of the center, located at 61, rue Boissière (XVIe), in the Victor-Hugo district, a kind of beautiful private mansion, with diplomatic status.

It was a security guard at the center who gave the alert and called the police. Pieces of glass and liquid were found on the floor,” said the police source. A billboard about 40 cm tall was slightly melted and blackened on the top.”
A trash can next door was also set on fire. The investigation of deliberate damage committed by throwing projectiles, entrusted to the Night Service of the 1st district was taken over by the 16th district police station. The video surveillance images of the street were to be viewed.
There were no injuries, nor were there any arrests. One of the spokesmen of the Russian diplomacy denounced these degradations. This is not the first time that the Russian community, its emblematic buildings in Paris, are targeted.
Last week, on Wednesday night, the walls of the Russian Conservatory Alexander Scriabin and military and diplomatic representations were also defaced. On Sunday 27 February, anti-Putin tags were found on the facade of the large Russian church in Paris, quai Jacques-Chirac (VIIe). The day before, the building had already been tagged with a “criminal Putin”, which was immediately erased.
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