Orleans (Loiret): burning garbage cans at the police station

Burning garbage cans placed under the windows of the Argonne police station, in Orléans, create great damage on its facades
La République du Centre, March 1, 2022 (extract)
On Monday, February 28, shortly before 9 pm, garbage cans were set on fire and placed in front of the main entrance and the service access of the Argonne police station, in Orleans. If the interior of the building was not affected by the flames, the exterior was considerably damaged.

The images of the video surveillance cameras allow to see four hooded people taking garbage cans from a residence located in front of the building, setting them on fire and installing them in front of the main entrance of the police station, and a function entrance located behind the building.
An investigation was opened and entrusted to the investigators of the Sûreté départementale of the national police. Findings were made on Monday evening by technicians of the technical and scientific police. No police officer was injured in the fire; the police station was empty and closed at the time of the events. “But, obviously, it is their work tool; it is difficult for them, we are disgusted by the situation”, continues the departmental secretary of Alliance.
The public prosecutor of Orleans, as well as the departmental director of public security of the Loiret, are due to visit the scene, this Tuesday March 1, in the early afternoon.
Translated by Act for freedom now!