Spoleto, Italy : We won’t enlist

The war has finally arrived. After two years of preparations for war, chants, flags, discipline, the «we are at war» announced since spring 2020 is finally real. The tragic news coming from Ukraine is the trigger they were seeking for the definitive militarization of our society.
Wars are always a bloodbath for the exploited and profitable business for the bosses. We are not interested in the contrasting reasons of the propaganda made by the belligerents. The exploited in Russia as well as in Ukraine, Italy and the United States are our brothers, their blood is our blood. Governments, generals, businessmen, financiers are our enemies, our executioners, those who starve us.
The arrogant insatiable thirty-year old NATO expansion and Russia’s internal crisis were the mixture for the explosive situation which we find ourselves thrown into. On the one side, a long series of imperialistic precedents such as the bombardments in Serbia, the wars in Afghanistan and Iraq, the support of criminal gangs such as those ruling Ukraine, where trade unionists are burnt alive; on the other, regimes such as Putin’s and Lukašenko’s, which hold together with the glue of encirclement paranoia and imperial nostalgia, where anarchists and opponents are arrested and tortured. In the face of all this filth no front is ours. Our enemies are not the exploited on the front, but all rulers, starting from those in our country.

From this point of view, Italian politics is showing its true face and seems to have dropped the mask of comedy with which political figures recite their dialectics. So we see a shameless alignment with militaristic rhetoric: from the Democratic Party, which now embodies the biggest force of the system in our society and doesn’t lose any chance to emphasize its Atlanticism and Europeanism, to the fictious opposition of Fratelli d’Italia, which when «l’Italia chiamò» [Italy called] – as the ugliest anthem in the world goes – didn’t wait a second to put the NATO helmets on their heads.
In reaffirming our internationalism and our refusal to take part in this tragic farse, it is worth remembering that if there is a «Russian party» in Italy today, it is certainly not to be found in some old Stalinist die-hard but rather in the shady business of Intesa Sanpaolo or the Italian energy multinationals.
That is why we have no confidence in those who have dragged us into this situation. The war can only be stopped by the direct action of the proletarians, by their insubordination: at work and at the front, let’s disobey the higher ranks, let’s disarm them, let’s block production, let’s stop the war mobilization. It is we who are paying the highest price for the State’s power games. It is a price being paid dearly by those who find themselves under the bombardments, and which we are also paying with the increase in energy bills and petrol prices and consequently those of all consumer goods.
We greet with joy the demonstrations taking place in St. Petersburg and Moscow at the moment, just as we greet with joy the protests against the increase in fuel prices carried out by lorry drivers in Italy: even if they are unaware of it, those who are stopping the country today against price increases are the greatest enemies of war because they are making politics and the economy pay the price for its consequences as of now.
However, the exploited of each country must be able to dialogue with one another so that these protests don’t remain sporadic, occasional and impromptu reactions: the international is a concrete form of organization with which the exploited can coordinate and dialogue in the struggle, thereby forcing the States to stop their death machine.
Anarchists in Spoleto
25th February 2022
via: infernourbano Translated by Act for freedom now!