Hamburg: anarchist interventions against all wars, borders and states

On Sunday 27.02.2022 about 60 people met for an anarchist rally in Arivati Park/Neuer Pferdemarkt Hamburg to take to the streets againstthe war in Ukraine and all militarism.
Banners (“Stop war!( in Russian) -Against the war in Ukraine! Against any war! Against any militarization!) were hung up and a speech was given. An anarchist anti-militarist poster was distributed and a solidarity photo was taken for the anarchist comrades in Ukraine.

Afterwards there was a spontaneous demonstration in the direction of Sternschanze, which was stopped by the arriving cops and then registered.  Already on the evening of 26th February, an unannounced demonstration against Fortress Europe took place in Hamburg-Ottensen. About 30 people took their anger about the current situation at the Polish-Belarusian border to the streets. Flyers flew over the Alma-Wartenburg-square and in front of the Haspa (local Bank) a barricade caught fire. With a lot of pyro as well as slogans against borders and nations, the street was confidently taken. On the Flyers under the slogan “Against states and their wars” reference was made to the war in Ukraine, other leaflets criticized above all the situation at the Polish-Belarusian border and positioned themselves against borders and Fortress Europe. Before the cops arrived, the participants were already scattered to the winds.
It is important in these days to make anti-authoritarian and
anti-militarist positions visible to oppose the militaristic and
nationalistic hegemony that is spreading.