Vienna: Six Policecars from “Joint Operational Office against Human Smuggling Networks” set on fire on 30th of January 2022

Also under the slogan “Borders killing” we went to the street in the
night of 30th of January 2022 and visited JOO (Joint Operational Office against Human Smuggling Networks). It’s an office which is supported from Europol to prevent human smuggling.
Their investigations together with Frontex, Europol and Interpol should stop illegal border-crossing and criminalize migration.
They call it “operational police-cooperation with countries from the european south-east” in the field of “migration, organized criminality and terror- and extremism”.

We are against life-threading transports of humans who have to pay a lot of money for that, but mostly it’s the only choice they have. In the end not the fucked up transportations are the main goal of the investigations but all people who support migration.