Communique of DESTROYING OF ATM AND TICKET-MACHINE (Poland, Wroclaw)

Poland, Wroclaw city:
“Insurrection lesson one, or why we destroyed an ATM and a ticket
machine. For ACAB day (13.12), we decided to kill the cops in our heads and shatter the illusion of order and peace that authority spreads.
So we smashed up the ATM and the ticket machine*. The displays were destroyed and the rest was glued with mounting foam.
We destroyed those things not to protest or make demands now, but because it was relatively easy and low risk. We want to learn how to attack this fucked up world so we can fuck it up even more in the future.
And we are surrounded by a whole host of potential targets – hundreds of displays to destroy, thousands of cameras to break, or a hell of a lot of glass to shatter. We are surrounded by opportunities to fight and to learn. We can take the entire world around us as a target, because it is built to control and dominate us. Power today does not sit in parliament or in corporate board meetings – power is all around us. Power is cameras, ATMs, police stations and telecommunication masts.
This means that its impact is stronger and harder to see at the same time. But it also means that it is easier to hit it, because wherever we are, it is at our fingertips – or at the reach of a hammer. Wherever we hit it, the power will feel it.
Although our action is fairly minor (at least in terms of the scale of
destruction and the targets chosen), such experiences are invaluable and turn reality upside down. From now on we look at it not as citizens but as guerrillas, and this is just the beginning.
What we did is an expression of solidarity and a signal to everyone who is also struggling in this world. It is a spark from which a fire can be made. It is also a message to all those who, like us, want to smash what is destroying and controlling them. Take what you can and experiment with the possibilities that surround us all.
There is always only a step away from insurrection.
The most important thing is to get started.
Find yourself and have fun.
* The destruction of the ticket machine is in no way related to the
“campaign” (still?) run by the local FA (Anarchist Federation), Free
Public Transport. It’s a reformist project that has nothing to do with anarchy and infighting. And we’re still riding free.”