“Between the weichan and the social war: An urgent and necessary path of encounters”. Words of Marcelo Villarroel for the activity “Complicity in Resistance”. (Chile)

We share the following words of Marcelo Villarroel sent for the activity “Complicity in Resistance” carried out by Espacio Fénix on December 12 at the Comedor Popular Luisa Toledo in solidarity with the autonomy of the Mapuche people. Reading this that same day allowed us to nourish the event with even more experiences, for which we thank the comrade who accompanied us from prison with his words and reflections.
Between the weichan and the social war: An urgent and necessary path of encounters.
I was born in a country that bequeathed me a nationality that does not represent me and that I rejected in a practical way since I embraced the path of struggle, receiving from it only punishment, repression and death.
A set of codes and values of a history that feel alien to me, a hybrid identity written with ancestral blood, mashed up with hegemonic western European rationality until the present and with strong identity ties between power and its supporters and false critics.
I am from the warria [city], a classic son of its working class raised in a neighbourhood where the daily struggle was and is for survival in the midst of the always precarious material conditions, but with strong ties of community solidarity as a practice of life.
On this path full of resistances, the last 30 years have been marked by encounters with the growing and unstoppable advance of the weichan [Mapuche struggle] which has revived that dormant impulse of deep overlap with essential aspects of the Mapuche being.
The respect for the ñuke mapu [mother earth], the search for a harmonious relationship with the planet, the recovery of spaces and territories and their klear kontrol for the konstruction of an autonomous path with values that clash with the bourgeois way of teaching and the ideology of the great kapital God perpetuated in blood and fire by the Chilean national state and all its machinery of death are aspects that make it impossible for me to avoid essential bonds and feelings with the struggle for the liberation of the wallmapu [Mapuche ancestral territory].
These are times of clarity and definitions. The perspective rooted in autonomous, anti-authoritarian and anarchist subversive practices in this part of the planet cannot ignore the territoriality of the konflict and remain only in general and lukewarm solidarity. Taking into account aspects associated with rakiduam (thought) and feyentun (spirituality) that are their own, there are others that allow us a clear and necessary meeting for the konstruction of another life, in resistance and advancement of liberated and controlled spaces that are undoing the presence of the Chilean and Argentine states throughout the wallmapu (gulumapu [territory dominated by the Chilean state] and puelmapu [territory dominated by the Argentinian state]) where the weichan reaches different intensities but both on the rise.
We fight the state, prison and Kapital in all its variants and possibilities… it is an unbreakable principle through which we meet different komrades of different tendencies and generations in different latitudes, trancending labels and closed circles. On this multiform path the present moment requires us to be aware of the rising konflictuality expressed in each territory where komrades and siblings walk. Here my voice and konviction over the years extend a deep kinship in the resistance and mapuche attack against the forestry industry, the yanakonas [indigenous collaborators], cops and military of the Chilean state.
To destroy the Chilean state is our objective. To fight with and among those who do so from a communitarian, harmonious, konfrontational, anti-kapitalist perspective and  permanently building while listening to the voice of the ancients is our option.
Not to take this up in this way would be to lose the sense of conflict, marking the eternal step of general definitions, of empty circular discussions and the welfarist workerism in which spaces and practices that need to be overcome have been maintained for a long time.
Brotherhood in the struggle for the liberation of the land and against kapital means fixing our gaze on the enemies of the wallmapu who move with total tranquility in the warria. It is to be clear about where they are and not let them live. It is to take steps that overflow the ever-fertile terrain of words and transform themselves into a multiform ascending action.
The path of konfrontation is our unrenounceable option in prison and in the street. We are not victims of circumstances but conscious warriors in a fight to the death for the Total Liberation of peoples, individuals and kommunities. All our efforts and newen [strength] are put here.
Komplicit embrace to the peñi [brothers] and lamien [sisters] of struggle.
Subversive prisoners, anarchists and mapuche: out of the prisons!
Calling for social war!
Amulepe taiñ weichan!!!
As long as misery exists, there will be rebellion!
Marcelo Villarroel Sepúlveda
La Gonzalina Rancagua Company Prison.
December 2021.
original: espaciofenix.noblogs.org
Translated by Act for freedom now!