Paris, France : Solidarity with Francisco ! by Anarchists

 5 January 2021
Prison hovers permanently like a dark cloud over the lives of those who do not want to resign themselves to this world of authority and exploitation. It crushes the lives of so many people whom the State considers useless or dangerous.
We carry in our hearts the names, words and deeds of our imprisoned comrades around the world.
Among them is Franscisco Solar, a Chilean anarchist who recently took responsibility with strength and dignity for the explosive devices that shattered the illusion of security so dear to the cops, the politicians and the rich. So that fear finally changes sides.
Despite the distance and the walls, we wanted to send him a message of solidarity.
And so in the night of 24 to 25 December we set fire to a vehicle of prison builders Eiffage, and another with a diplomatic plate, in rue Courat in Paris.
Courage comrade ! The anarchists don’t forget you!
A thought also to Toby, comrade imprisoned in England.
Fire to the prisons, to the companies that build them and the world that needs them.
Solidarity means attack.
A few anarchists
via: Attaque
Translated by Act for freedom now!