France: Hard times for the cops (mid-November 2021)

Argenteuil (Val-d’Oise): The police station targeted after cops injured a teenager
RTL / Monday, November 8, 2021
Mortar fire targeted the police station and police officers in Argenteuil (Val d’Oise) on Saturday 6 and Sunday 7 November. These attacks, perpetrated by about fifty young people, would be a sign of protest against the LBD [launcher of defence balls] shooting that injured a teenager earlier in the evening of Saturday.On the images circulating on social networks, we see the young man with a broken nose and a swollen face. On Sunday evening, dozens of individuals attacked the Argenteuil police station.
A reinforced security device was then put in place in the district of the Dalle. Calm returned during the night. No injuries were reported and no arrests were made.
 Already the week before, in another neighbourhood…
Le Parisien / Wednesday 2 November 2021
They targeted a place that is symbolic of authority. Between 20 and 30 young people dressed in black tried to set fire to the police station of the district of Argenteuil while it was unoccupied, Monday evening. Aged about 13 or 14, they placed a trash can in front of the building and set it on fire. They also threw projectiles at the building and damaged windows on the second floor. The latter are not police premises but those of the social branch of the departmental council, which includes a maternal and child protection centre.

The fire just blackened the iron shutters of the police station. The youths were dispersed for a while thanks to the intervention of mediators. The police intervened later and were fired upon by mortars.
Some of the troublemakers were preparing to receive them by planning to throw projectiles from the Place de la Commune-de-Paris at vehicles coming out from Rue Jean-Lurçat. About twenty police officers from the area, supported by about sixty CRS from the Essonne, intervened. The perpetrators of the damage quickly fled. No arrests were made. […]
The police station had closed in May 2020 after being the target of projectiles and arson attempts. These incidents occurred during scuffles with police officers after the death of Sabri, a young man from the ZUP who died on his motorcycle in a street where a police car was parked (the family has filed a complaint and is contesting the dismissal of the investigation). At the request of the Minister of the Interior, Gérald Darmanin, the police station had officially reopened, but only for two hours a day, when staffing levels allowed. It had been targeted again a year ago during a new series of urban violence in the evening. […]

Compiègne (Oise) : Long live anti-cop craft !
extract from Oise-Hebdo / Thursday 11 November 2021
Firing of mortars against police officers took place in the Clos-des-Roses in Compiègne (Oise) on Wednesday evening, November 10. Calm was restored around 9:15pm.
[…] The shootings took place in Square Debussy and Square Charpentier. The national and municipal police intervened with the reinforcement of the BAC (anti-crime brigade) of Creil. Around 9:15 pm, calm returned and the police left. “There were no arrests,” said Compiègne police chief Pierrick Boulet. […]
Lyon: Attracting rookies to target them with mortars
 Le Progrès / Friday 12 November 202
At around 7pm, a group of individuals were reported to be attacking passers-by and setting fire to garbage cans in the area of rue Philippe-de-Lassalle, rue Hénon and place Camille-Flammarion.
Police officers who went to the scene to restore calm came under mortar fire as soon as they arrived on the scene.
The troublemakers, some of whom were reportedly seen with iron bars, then fled. The police managed to arrest two of them. They are two minors, currently in custody.
This episode of urban violence is rather rare in the Croix-Rousse, which is not used to this type of incident.
Valencia : Grrrr!
Le Dauphiné / November 6, 2021
On the night of Thursday, November 4 to Friday, November 5, the municipal police of Valence pulled over a car with two men on board. But when one of the agents approached the vehicle, the driver starts and forces him to move aside to avoid being run over… The policemen then pursue the driver who loses the control of his car, and ends his race in the fence of the municipal swimming pool, in the district of Valensolles.
The passenger is arrested on the spot, as well as the driver while trying to escape on foot. During his arrest, he bites one of the municipal policemen on the hand until he bleeds. A wound so severe that it led to a hospitalisation of 42 days! The two individuals were placed in custody. The violent driver will come before a magistrate of the Valence prosecutor’s office this Saturday afternoon, November 6.
Saint-Leu-la-Forêt (Val-d’Oise) : Eternal hatred for the police
extract from Le Parisien / Thursday, November 4, 2021
He had been spotted in the train of the line H as a policeman, then violently assaulted by four people Tuesday, around 11pm, in Saint-Leu-la-Forêt. For the public prosecutor of Pontoise, it was a real murder attempt. Two days after the attack and the arrest of the four suspects, they opened a judicial investigation for “attempted murder of a person of public authority in the exercise of or because of his functions”. A criminal qualification retained by the prosecutor’s office “given the investigations carried out and the violence suffered by the police officer”.
According to information, while the policeman had been beaten in the train between Ermont Halte and Saint-Leu, one of his attackers would have seized him at the level of the neck and attempted to strangle him. The intervention of a third person proved to be decisive. The four aggressors escaped when the train arrived in the station of Saint-Leu-la-Forêt.
The 26 year old civil servant who works in Paris in the brigade of the Ile-de-France networks (BRF) was returning home in civilian clothes after service, accompanied by a colleague. When the latter got off at Ermont, the four men then took the victim to task. They had been able to identify him as a police officer. […]
Against the eyes of the police and those who defend them
Fréjus (Var) : Two cameras targeted
Var Matin / Friday 5 November 2021
The clashes in the Gabelle district are never-ending. This Thursday evening, November 4th, around 11 pm, firemen and police forces had to intervene for the umpteenth time in Fréjus.
In fact, some individuals attacked two of the three video surveillance cameras of the area. The first one, located on the traffic roundabout, at the entrance of the district, was with the help of a mini excavator. The second one, along the Pedégal, in front of the buildings, by trying to set it on fire.
The individuals also attacked the building site on rue Giono.
In total, two small machines, as well as a vehicle, were ravaged by the flames. The police received reinforcements from Draguignan and Toulon. Calm returned around one o’clock in the morning, this Friday November 5. Two people were arrested.
A police officer was also injured during the clashes.
Roubaix (Nord): The pole of the surveillance camera up in smoke!
from La Voix du Nord / Thursday, November 11, 2021
[…] In the evening of Tuesday, shortly before 10 pm, a pole supporting a video surveillance camera installed at the corner of Villars street suddenly started smoking. The city’s fire department quickly intervened to extinguish the fire, which did not seem to be all that spontaneous. The national police were notified. An investigation has been opened by the police station but arson is the most likely explanation.
The necessary repairs for a return to service were quickly carried out. “The intervention of the technicians was completed with further security devices and an alert system to avoid any further deterioration,” concludes Christian Belpaire. For the moment, no one has been arrested. […]

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