Italy – Solidarity communique following Operazione Sibilla [Operation Sybil]

SIBILATIONS – On the anti-anarchist operation denominated Sibilla
All this must end. For ever. And if the State and the bosses are our living enemies, then the role of anarchism as the spade with which we’ll dig their graves is more evident than ever.
Prima le buone notizie, Ottone degli Ulivi
11th November 2021 dozens of searches were carried out in the homes of anarchist comrades in Genoa, Carrara, Pisa, Cremona, Bergamo, Roma, Perugia, Viterbo, Lecce, Taranto, Cosenza and Cagliari before dawn. The investigation carried out by the ROS carabinieri on order of Perugia prosecutors focuses on anarchist sobillazioni [instigations], particularly the paper Vetriolo and “alongside” counter-information websites such as and malacoda.noblogs. The main charge against the comrades is that of having formed and/or participated in a subversive association with purposes of terrorism (270bis), as according to the cops, through the publications mentioned above the comrades allegedly instigated to commit terrorist acts against the State.
Besides dozens of raids all over the peninsula, there were 6 custodial measures: the “arrest” of Alfredo, already imprisoned in the jail of Terni, a comrade subjected to house arrest with electronic tag and another 4 with compulsory residence and signing.

We are by no means surprised at the State’s repression against clear and decisive words and even less so in this time of fear and social disruption. The creation of the internal enemy is functional to calling the people’s loyalty to their king – the State – we are clearly seeing it with the “no vax”: precisely in these days the State is striking the protests in piazza against the green pass, preventing demonstrations from being carried out in places where capitalism needs to flourish.
As anarchists we are and remain internal and external, above and below, in chaotically reasoned directions, enemies of all forms of authority. Complicity with the words expressed against the enemies, be they government servants or those of capitalism, including the militarist one, is therefore clear for us.
As usual, in the judicial mentality of the investigators the only possible organization is the vertical, hierarchical one. They don’t understand, or rather they don’t want to publicly express that the unpredictability of anarchists in their disorganization is certainly not an organization, let alone one with leaders and followers.
We remain alongside anyone who is struck by the repression because they choose to attack, not hide behind the need to be loved by the masses with sweet accommodating words, but spreading the words of comrades struck by decades in jail.
Viva l’anarchia!
Anarchists of Carrara
via: Inferno Urbano, 12th November 2021
Translated from Italian by act for freedom now!