Athens,Greece: Text by Anarchist comrade Kostas K. concerning the new prosecution against him.

dna cooking up and hostage stories (or about another one of my prosecutions)

Let’s say we have a case file that eloquently includes:
– The Laboratory Expertise Report of the Department of Biological Material Analysis of 4-2-2009 on a number of seized items-evidence, after searching my home.
– The 23-10-2012 Laboratory Expertise Report of the Department of Biological Material Analysis for a series of seized items-evidence, following a search (again) at my home.

Everything is going well, the laboratory tests are inconclusive and the years go by. Until, on 15-5-2021 something (?) happens.
Then as soon as our (well known) Department of Biological Materials Analysis decides to complete our (well-known) Laboratory Expertise Report on seized Objects, after searching (yes, yes, you guessed correctly) my house, on 15-10-2020,
makes an impressive leap in time, going back 14 years. And then just discovers that my dna identifies with what was found on an object, (on 3-7-2007) after an incendiary attack on the cars of G. Voulgarakis and his guard. Voulgarakis, who had recently switched from the Ministry of Public Order to the Ministry of Culture.
Surprisingly, this dna match had not been shown by the 2009 expertise, nor that of 2012.
I am summoned on 4 November to appear before the investigating judge, facing charges of attempted serial homicide and explosion, charges that could lead to several years in prison or a prolonged hostage situation until the case is cleared by the courts.
I can only (stoically) see this as another battle in a war I have been fighting for 37 years (since I was a 15 year-old student), a war in which I have always been on the side of those “below”, siding with the good old dream of a world without exploitation and oppression.
And in this war I never gave them a break.
Kostas K.
Ps: Comrade Kostas K was released on restrictive terms one’s in a month to go to police station and not to  live the country , passing by the interrogator today 4/11/21