Italy,Greece: The book Varkarides. I battellieri (Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, 2021) is available

The book Varkarides. I battellieri. Il gruppo nichilista di Salonicco. 1898–1903 [Varkarides. The boatmen. The nihilist group from Thessaloniki], first Italian edition by Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, is available
“… we are a handful of fanatics descending the vast river of history shouting with joy. And there we will arrive.”
In 1894 thirteen-year old Macedonian students Yordan Yordanov (Ortzeto) and Konstantin Kirkov went to Thessaloniki – in the Ottoman era – to attend grammar school. A year later along with their schoolmates they form a revolutionary nucleus and lead student mobilizations. In 1897 they form the group of AGITATORS and make contact with anarchist-nihilist circles in Geneva. The group evolves and takes the name of BOATMEN. Their “ideology” is terrorism.

Their aim is to blow up some of the most important state and capital targets of the city. So they set off on an incredible journey and finally manage to shake up Thessaloniki during the month of April 1903, paying the price with their life or their freedom.
A kind of introduction
Introduction to the Greek edition
The city
The story
The Boatmen set sail…
The sunny day of 27 April
The arrest
Varkarides. I battellieri
Il gruppo nichilista di Salonicco. 1898–1903
Biblioteca Anarchica Sabot, first Italian edition, June 2021
56 pages, 7 euros per copy
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