Paris, France: Eiffage on fire

via: attaque
On the night of 21-22 August we set fire to an Eiffage van in Paris (rue des Maraîchers)
Prison destroys lives, inside and also after release. It also looms as a threat against the choices of those outside. A threat to those who rebel against this order of things. It is the last bastion of this world against those who fight it, by necessity or choice.

Unfortunately, we do not have the strength to do what should be done, i.e. reduce these concrete monsters to rubble, right to the last one. But we refuse to give up, because it is through struggle, even in lesser conditions, that we can catch a glimpse of what we want: freedom and the end of exploitation.
So we are attacking, among others, the companies that get rich by building prisons or by managing them. Like Eiffage!
Solidarity with Boris
Translated by Act for freedom now!