Italy- Ethics wanted – or – a fairy tale at times anarchist

Almost two and a half years have passed since, after only 19 days’ prison – I’m telling you – 19 days, you decided to leave a declaration in a review trial, it was 26/2/19.
When I got to know of your decision at the time, sorrow and anger resurfaced as they did when the texts entitled “dotting i’s” and“I burabacio” made their appearance.
I ask myself and ask you: you declare you are anarchists and revolutionaries, you practice conflictuality in the neighbourhoods in daily life, you live in or frequent squatted places, you organize or take part in gatherings outside prisons, detention centres for migrants, benefits; but what do you talk about on those occasions?!

Empty talk, obviously, if you still haven’t understood when to keep quiet or what kind of declaration to make.
Everything seems as though you participate in order to have a clear conscience and to clock in.
Your declaration handed to a prosecutor is the umpteenth proof, even if some stupid anarchist hadn’t realized it, of the fact that it is we anarchists ourselves who give suggestions to prosecutors to create the famous differentiation between good and bad anarchists, between social and insurrectionalists.
Then, after a short time, I came to learn of, and read, the text “abjuration” written by some of you… the more I read it the more I heard the screeching of your fingertips pressing on mirrors.
I admit it, the time passed since your affair has diluted my anger towards you, but as I never forgot what happened, now that I have read Anna’s “an immoral fairy tale” the anger has built up again.
So here I am years and a deafening silence later, which I was stupidly accomplice to, writing these lines straight off, with imperfect syntax, spelling mistakes but with awareness of the facts and bitterness.
The anger is due to the fact that you are able to go around after what you wrote and created, being patted on the shoulder, smiled to, speaking in assemblies, going to gatherings with people who shield you in case someone angrier than me might want to address a couple of well-aimed words at you. It is clear that you don’t consider anarchist prisoners at all, because if this wasn’t the case you’d take them as examples and now, after two and a half years, we wouldn’t be here still talking about you.
Comrades who have years and years on their shoulders and in spite of this face imprisonment with their heads held high and a dignity you never came close to in your days in prison because of your gesture.
They manage to be more present and important locked up inside four walls than you who seem like professional anarchists.
With their writings, of unique lucidity, they shed a light on an anarchist “movement”, of which I am also part, which has almost lost the real meaning of ethics.
They are even afraid to talk, even bitterly, with their own comrades for fear of interrupting friendly relations; I wonder what kind of friends we are if we don’t point out their mistakes to the people we love.
I am not saying that it is your fault that the comrades are in jail, nor do I want to say that I’d like to see you in a cell, let’s be clear.
Nor that you should be ostracised, but I want to make you understand – even harshly – that you should have had the dignity to apologize publicly and retract your statement, not write I don’t know how long a super-bullshit with hacker’s methods signed by three of the arrested seven… perhaps some of you came back to their senses in these two and a half years but I haven’t read anything public.
Anarchy doesn’t have to please everybody and it is not for everybody, in these two centuries not only have we put up posters, handed out leaflets, done pickets and collected money for those in prison; we have killed kings and cops, put bombs, sent letter bombs, robbed banks, terrorized the rich and governments, the cancer of humankind.
In the hope that these lines can contribute to a possible debate and make anarchist ethics stronger, so that in future we won’t find ourselves with more “dotting i’s” “burabacio” or other thoughtless declarations.
An anarchist
via: roundrobin.infoTranslated by act for freedom now!