Pozzallo, Italy: incendiary revolt in the centre for migrants

On Sunday 18 July, at around 6.30pm, a fire broke out in the Pozzallo hotspot in Sicily (Ragusa province), after some migrants set fire to their mattresses. The European Union hotspot was housing around one hundred migrants, including twenty minors, who had recently arrived in Italy on makeshift boats. Locked up in this structure for the duration of their Covid quarantine, they were then to be directed towards other detention centres in Sicily.

The main building was put out of action by the fire, and the prefecture immediately “rehabilitated” the old building for women, and also transferred some twenty migrants to Cifalì, bringing their total to 78. However, what makes the accounts not add up is that 36 migrants managed to escape from the Pozzallo hotspot thanks to its fire. While 7 have been recaptured, the others are still at large…
[Summarized from Italian press, 20 July 2021]
via: sansnom translated by Act for freedom now!