Sledgehammer attack on the debt collection Paladino SA company (Athens,Greece)

Sledgehammer attack on the debt collection Paladino SA company
One of the most infamous professions in the people’s consciousness is that of the debt collector. Whatever form it takes, from the loan shark’s henchmen, to the tax collector, to the shiny offices of the call centres of today’s collection companies, the debt collector is a universally hated figure.
And always the “professionals” of the genre make their money as a share of what, with threats, they manage to extract from weak and frightened people in danger of losing everything.

Collection is the point where the traditional services of the mafia meet the needs of the modern state. Not by chance under any stone you lift up on the property of the big collectors you will find people of power directly or entrepreneurs in other sectors.
And around the big ones a horde of crows from law firms and people on the verge of legality and illegality.
There is a lot of money to be raised from the poor world and now that the crisis with covid is turning into an economic one and new memoranda are coming, domestic lenders and especially banks will tighten the strings even more.
We have heard a lot about the means they use to recover debts.
We see the state taking the piss out of us with so-called bills to limit harassment from these companies, and at the same time they do not even have the ability to stop anything a debt collector does.
We know what the banks’ program to get rid of overdue loans will lead to. Pressure for receipts and auctions, this is the scenario of the future.
The people must respond and sooner or later they will.
We target collection companies like any state parasite and bosses incessantly, persistently, aggressively.
Let the next period not only be a difficult one for the poor who pick up the phone and hear themselves threatened by debt collectors.
Translated by Act for freedom now!