Beginning of first degree of Operation Scintilla.
The three preliminary hearings for Operation Scintilla concluded with the confirmation by the Gup of the entire accusatory package and the committal for trial of all 18 defendants for all the crimes charged.
Obviously, both instigation to commit a crime and subversive association, that is art. 270 c.p., have been reconfirmed. Moreover, the charges of the various offenses of the association remain unchanged, including the placement of two tanks near as many ATMs of the Italian Post Office, the damage by fire of the Center for Permanent Residence for Repatriation in Turin in collaboration with some inmates and the sending of an incendiary package to Ladisa, the company that managed the canteen of the structure of Corso Brunelleschi.

The next hearing in the first instance is scheduled for October 7 at the court of Turin. Recall that Carla, after almost a year and a half of absconding and 8 months of imprisonment, is still imprisoned under house arrest for just over a week without restrictions. Instead, all other minor measures related to this proceeding have fallen. We take the opportunity of this update also to remember the transfer to the Rebibbia prison of Natascia and to pass on the address to write to her. She is accused not only in the Prometeo operation but also in the association of the Scintilla operation, which sees her accused at large.
We take the opportunity to send a warm thought to those who remain locked up.
Freedom for everyone!
Natascia Savio
C.C. female Rebibbia
Via Bartolo Longo, 92
00156 Rome