Natascia, an anarchist prisoner, went on hunger strike on June 16 to oppose her transfer to the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison.
She has been transferred several times since her arrest in May 2019, in addition to having her correspondence censored and various other forms of internal pressure. It is evident the will of judges and jailers to distance and isolate her from the solidarity of those who support her from outside and to undermine her determination.
This last transfer takes on an even more indicative value since it occurred in the proximity of the beginning of the trial for Operation Prometheus that has Natascia together with 2 other comrades, accused of having sent explosive packages to the then director of the DAP and to the two public prosecutors Sparagna and Rinaudo.

In fact, they want to make it impossible for him to organize his own defense, since his lawyer is 1,000 km away and they have 10 minutes of telephone communication per month.
Dispersion and isolation have always been the tools used by the jailers to exhaust the souls of those who, despite being locked up, do not want to submit to prison blackmail or submit to any repentance.
Natascia’s territorial removal from her living context has a clear punitive connotation, not only because of the limitations it imposes, but also because of the prison to which she was sent.
The conditions of detention in the SMCV have always been very harsh, and one example is the absence of drinking water due to lack of water connection.
Last April, the so-called «Easter massacre» took place: the day after protests against Covid19’s non-existent infection prevention measures, more than 300 prison officers in riot gear and hoods launched a punitive expedition. Prisoners were forced out of their cells, stripped naked and savagely beaten until they suffered serious injuries, including head wounds, broken teeth and bones. The intention of this action, according to the prison administration and the director of Campania prisons, who ordered the massive beatings, was to teach a lesson to those who dared to rebel. After more than a year, 52 prison guards have been notified of precautionary measures between prison and house arrest.
Against the isolation and dispersion of prisoners
Against differentiated circuits and special regimes
At Natascia’s side!
With all the prisoners and detainees of the Santa Maria Capua Vetere prison.