Ramonville-Saint-Agne (Haute-Garonne) France : Turning off the civilized light

via : attaqueJune 27, 2021
At the beginning of June, we attacked the Lespinet electrical substation (63kV) in Ramonville-Saint-Agne.
We chose this small transformer station because we had to start somewhere. Because these structures are sensitive nodes of the electrical network. Because electricity appears to us today as the blood of civilization. Because we are prisoners of the human empire. So much so that even when we try to escape by contemplating the stars, satellites chase us. Because it blinds us, and we want to extinguish the civilized light.
A plunge into the unknown. When we entered the enclosure, we wondered if we would die electrocuted. But nothing happened, even 2-3 meters from the transformers. When we set fire to the transformers, we wondered if we were going to reduce this station to ashes and plunge a part of the city into darkness. If there would be an explosion, if the surrounding factories would stop, if the streetlights around us would go out. But that didn’t happen either.

The installation is still working, only one transformer out of 3 is a little blackened by the flames and we don’t know if it is out of order.
Under the transformers, at the level of the fans, we placed 2 tires filled with cloth soaked in gasoline. We don’t know why it didn’t work: maybe a quick intervention of the firemen, an insufficient quantity of material to burn or a bad method more generally.
This is a bit of a disappointment, but it was exciting to overcome our fears for one night and watch the flames dance.
A knowing nod to those who are attacking the march of progress, to those who have fallen for it and to those who are thinking of taking the plunge.