Prison of Nancy-Maxeville, France: Why I burned the two antennas of Mont Poupet

Hi, I’m Boris. I’ve been incarcerated in the Nancy Maxéville prison for 9 months now for the burning of two cell towers in the Jura in April 2020.
If I decide only now to write a few public words about my case, it is mainly because the State has just judged me and it seems vital to me to put down on paper my impressions and my rage against this techno-totalitarianism which have not faded at all since I have been locked up. On the contrary.
While the States were agreeing to muzzle the population by summoning it to stay quietly at home under the pretext of curbing the covid-19 pandemic, waves of sabotages broke out in France and in Europe (Netherlands, England, Italy,. From East to West, from South to North of France, pylons have been knocked down, their cables cut and most of them burned by dozens, interrupting telecommunications, the geolocation of cell phones and the spying of those in the target of the repression organs.
At the time of writing, the sabotage of telecommunication networks continues unabated, even though it is in the interest of the ruling power to conceal or minimize it. Sometimes, the scale of the destruction is such that it is impossible for them to mute it, like the fire of a TDF relay in the Bouches-du-Rhône at the beginning of December 2020, or the claimed incendiary sabotage near Limoges to start the year 2021 with good resolutions.
The technological web, which covers all the territories, spreads at full speed and perfects its functioning with the new 5G network, allows to make accept a whole bunch of new social norms imposed by the State, under the recommendations and the blessing of doctors and scientists. Just like a whole bunch of products and drugs that keep the population wise and docile, screens play a leading role in getting the greatest number to accept confinement: telecommuting, tele-apéro, tele-school, tele-… How could the domination have “respected” this large-scale house arrest without all this techno-structure?
The time has come for the acceleration of flows and data, for the connectivity of everyday objects in order to control, listen to, trace, and spy on more and more, to make human beings more and more slaves of the machine. It is all this that domination calls “progress”, “civilization”. In reality, this project of society has everything of dystopia.
Faced with this digital grid, there are not 36,000 solutions. It seems to me necessary to go beyond the stage of criticism and to act here and now, by linking ideas to actions, by taking the necessary precautions to avoid falling into the meshes of repression. And unfortunately I know what I am talking about.
The whole affair starts with a new-looking blue cap covered with an oily plastic substance at the foot of one of the two relays of Mont Poupet, on which my DNA is taken. Being on file, I find myself in the sights of judges and cops who will put large human and financial resources to spy on my daily life (my habits, my frequentations) during the summer of 2020 (imsi catcher, cameras in front of homes, gps under the cars of my relatives, listening and geolocation, civilians of the GIGN (Versailles) on tail and stakeout…)
As far as the GAV is concerned, I must say that I “screwed up” when I spoke (even if it was only about me). Even though I had been to many gavs before without ever saying anything, that day I made that fatal mistake, which, once made, is impossible to repair, to erase. There remains the risk of sinking even deeper, of getting bogged down in explanations that can only be prejudicial to the accused.
I was angry at myself and I am still angry at myself today, for having given marbles to the repression answering the interrogation of these inquisitors of power, real perverts who know perfectly well how to get into the psychological cracks of the individual, and to make him crack. It will never happen again.
On 22 September in Besançon, the gendarmes of the Besançon regional section (and others from the Oracle cell), accompanied by the Dijon judicial police, burst in at around 6:30 am at my home as well as at two other homes. On rogatory commission of the investigating judge Lydia Pflug (head of the JIRS of Nancy) for destruction by fire of relay antennas in organized gang, participation in a criminal association and destruction by fire in organized gang, in Besançon in the period from January 9 to April 9, 2020.
If the two other people searched were released at the end of the day, I was referred at the end of my 48 hours of custody in the office of the judge, charged with the fire of 2 relay antennas on Mont Poupet on April 10, 2020 in the Jura and placed under the status of witness for another fire, that of a technical room SFR relay TDF Mont de Bregille, on the heights of Besançon. This was qualified as an attempt.
At the end of the investigation in March 2021, the public prosecutor’s office requested that the case be dismissed for the criminal conspiracy and the attempted fire in late March. But reiterates the referral to the correctional court for the fire of April 10, 2020.
During this night fire under containment, the telecommunications of all telecom operators (Bouygues SFR Orange and Free) as well as the repressive organs of the State (police and gendarmerie) and the electricity company Enedis were momentarily out of service. They estimate the damage between 750,000 and one million euros. It is therefore precisely for these facts that I appeared on May 19 at the court of Nancy. Despite the request for postponement of my lawyer, who could not be present, the court, after more than an hour of waiting, decided to hold the hearing.
The masquerade could then continue, without an audience but with a journalist of the local press, ready to draw his verve of lackey of the power to assert a little more the domination, to help the state to make pass its cowardly and cold revenge, in the shelter of the glances and the ears come in support.
The president, who from the beginning complained about the lack of consideration of her minister towards the magistrates* (would the cops’ grumbling give ideas to the magistracy?), comes to the refrain of the poor sick citizen who can’t call the hospital anymore, from the depths of his countryside, to be treated.
I simply retort that it is time to learn to live with each other, what society has taken away from us by isolating us behind machines, with screens making us blind, blinders making us deaf to the atrocity of this world, which exploits, poisons and kills living beings, human and non-human. I then give a personal example, about the fact that I myself grew up without a cell phone and that there was certainly more mutual aid and support between people, a time when we didn’t need an application to talk to each other, to meet each other, to kiss each other…
I go straight to the verdict announced by the president, which I barely heard. 4 years in jail with 2 years of probation plus several tens of thousands of euros in fines (I don’t remember the exact amount)
When I left the court, I had the pleasure to see a good group of friends and compasses in support who for a moment lost the CRS to greet me with cries of “Freedom! Freedom! “. It sent me a lot of warmth and strength.
My eyes were filled with sadness, joy and a lot of rage at the same time.
A few minutes after the verdict was pronounced, I already knew that I would appeal, which I did three days later while I was in solitary;
I would like to clarify a few points about what came out in the press. It is not only the 5G technology that I acted against. It is the whole of the waves (2g, 3g, 4g) against which I fight. Techno-totalitarianism imposes its macabre plans at full speed, reinforcing and improving its already existing infrastructures. Of course 5G will require the installation of a multitude of mini antennas everywhere to accelerate the flow of information data and thus allow for example to connect every object of daily life. Removing all autonomy from individuals, making them slaves of machines while spying on them for commercial or other purposes (self-isolation, exploitation at home with telecommuting, abandonment of tactile contact between us, omnipresence of small and large screens in our lives), this is the near future that is taking shape, the dystopia on the march.
By the way, for those who continue to believe in the so-called “green” energies, in the pseudo energy transition which is in reality only an accumulation of resources, in the extraction of a whole bunch of metals in the four corners of the world, the quantities of which are necessary to produce their electric cars, their kilometers of cables (underground or high up) are constantly increasing and which sow cancers, devastation and death: the problem is not only the emission of greenhouse gases. That is only a small part of it. The “all electric” is just as devastating and deadly. The extraction of all these metals can only be done by using ultra-noxious and polluting acids, which rot and poison soils and waterways, causing incurable diseases, when it is not a quick and certain death. This is the reality of the digital world that they try to pass off as ecological, as an alternative to air pollution.
So many reasons why I am part of those who, at the first resounding of the state and sanitary order, refused to lock themselves up at home and went out to directly attack one of the pillars of domination.
Heads held high, hearts burning!
Long live anarchy!
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